Supernatural S11 Ep3 – Producer’s preview – Video

Watch here and enjoy, especially the scenes from Sam to Dean saying its getting worse over Rowena’s dog spell on Cas. The Boys track down Rowena and in the car she asks a question, this is priceless!! I love Rowena, and that RED dress she is showing off, WOW!! Cas’s condition and Crowley brining in a gift for the darkness. She replies thank you, and reminds her whom he, is and attempts the sentence a second time. Thank you Uncle Crowley! UNCLE!!!

Remember our Mr Jensen Ackles has directed this one YEAHHHH……

Citing Source: thefallenandthechosen a on IMDb

Her citing source: supernatural@cw_spn

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8 thoughts on “Supernatural S11 Ep3 – Producer’s preview – Video

    1. I have heard a lot of people say this about JC, and generally I am not a negative person, but that lisp of his is annoying, I can’t make out what he says half the time and have to re-wind and listen again. That bag was massive. I wonder what was inside there. A laptop? A playhouse? A big huge doll? What are girls into these days?? They will surprise us I’m sure.

      B xxx

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  1. Yes, I like the scenes of the them trying to save Cas. They’re the Three Musketeers. Just three of them though, I guess.
    There’s Crowley playing with fire. Again! He’ll find out, Amamra has a mind of her own. Waddaya wanna bet he needs to team up with the Winchesters to take her down?

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    1. I love it when all three of them are together, Cas on his own is so boring other than when he was with Hannah, and last week kick assing those angels. What happens when the girls grows older and transforms each time. Crowley had a job controlling Demon Dean, who’s to say he won’t be able to handle Amara, I hope she gives him a run for his money.

      B xxx

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