A few more questions after Ep.3

After viewing episode 3 of season 11, I am left wondering what Darkness’ end game is. If all the souls are consumed, where’s the fun in eating them? It’s kind of the reverse of the end game of the proposed apocalypse; Remember what Cas asked Dean at the end of season 5? “Do you want peace, or do you want freedom?” Peace is made to seem kinda boring. Even when our heroes went to heaven and met up with old friends, life seemed repetitive and boring. (Isn’t that kinda how it is down here?) Anyway, how might they begin to find a way to stop this prehistoric or precreation entity?

Crowley can’t control Amara, who is obviously from stock way older and way more powerful than a former ‘punk ass ‘ crossroads demon and current King of Hell! He couldn’t control Dean when he was demonized by the mark. Why does Crowley think he can buy  his way into Amara’s loyalty? He should know this doesn’t work. And couldn’t Amara eat him with no problem? Why doesn’t she? Does she really need his protection?

Is Rowena the key? I mean, she has the book that the Steins combed the world for, and has been able to put some pretty fancy juice behind her spells as she efforts to build a, wait for it………wait for it……MEGA COVEN! (That was brilliant!) She reversed the spell on Cas before escaping, (as usual), but is Cas really normal? I wouldn’t trust Rowena as far as I could throw her, and as tiny as she is, I probably could throw her at least 4-5 feet! Hey! Why don’t witches age? I’d get her to teach me that spell! I think the book is the key. It got the mark off Dean, (at a heavy price). It probably has something in it that can destroy the darkness, like the angel and demon tablets had powerful stuff within them.

Unless I’ve got this all wrong, won’t God have to enter the building? He was the one who locked Darkness away to begin with. Won’t he have to come back and at least instruct the boys on how to get the job done?


What do you think?

Written By: Eric P. Clemons

Photos from: Screencapped.net

Photo’s property of:  ‘The CW’


5 thoughts on “A few more questions after Ep.3

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  1. “I think the book is the key. It got the mark off Dean, (at a heavy price). It probably has something in it that can destroy the darkness, like the angel and demon tablets had powerful stuff within them.”

    OK so the Darkness was released because they removed the Mark. But the book supposedly cures curses but at a price. Do we know what that price was? Can they use the book again without starting ANOTHER Apacalypse? Im a little unsure of then rules LOL


    1. Yeah! I am a little lost there myself. If the price of the MOC removal was the release of the darkness, then what would be the price of returning the darkness to its prison? That’s why I get the feeling that God has to enter the building at some point, right? HE was the one that created the prison for Darkness in the first place. I also wonder if Amara is a quickie love child of Dean and Darkness. From what we’ve seen so far, she all but made love to Dean while she spoke to him in the midst of the black smoke! Just other things I am pondering. LOL I am anxious to find out where it all ends up!


      1. I think the important info we got last episode is that God TRICKED the Darkness into the “prison” so I think Sam and Dan will have to go the same route. I cant see them having God in the series before the last season.


  2. Yeah, these are some great questions. I think you’re right about Crowley not being able to control Amara, judging by the increasing levels of fear we see on his face throughout the entire episode.

    I think Amara’s endgame is the not just eating souls. I think that’s a means to an end which is to come into her power as fast as possible ,so she can end everything. Possibly the entire universe and return all of it to the void. So its not just Sam threatened with being returned to the void but all of creation, most likely.

    Yeah, Rowena’s shenanigans was the highlight of the evening for me. Try as hard as I can its just difficult to really hate her. Her little Mega Coven thing is hilarious. She’s as charming as Crowley, too. I loved that scene, in the car, when she asked if they could sing a song and aren’t they a team. Like Crowley, I think Rowena might be around to vex him and them, for a while.

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    1. Rowena has a kind of delicious charm to her. Rowena the tormentor is just the way I see her! I am glad Crowley is returning to his old sexually perverted quips. They really add spice to the show. As crass as some of his lines are, many of them I have to ‘rewind’ in my head. The meaning often hits me later, and I laugh and cringe at the same time. I hadn’t considered that the end game for “Darkness” is a return to darkness; null and void. Good one! Do you have a blog yourself? If so, I would love to drop bye and get more insights. Mine is yankernatural.wordpress.com. Look forward to exchanging with you soon.


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