When Sanskrit was written in India, Sumer was too young to be Babylon in Iraq, Egyptians were pondering if their Pharaoh would like a Pyramid on the Plains of Giza, Amara meant immortal.

Rome was just seven hills and Romans were herding sheep by the Tiber.

The West was yet to be born and the Americas as unknown as the far side of the moon.

The Amaranth of Crete was ‘one that does not wither’, before the Greeks fought before High Walled Troy.  This wild plant of foliage ranged from purple, red, gold and green was caught up in poems of immortality disdaining the short lived rose.

It would seem that like Amara told Dean they were long joined.  Amaranth was a hunter on the isle of Euboea, son of King Abas.  The Prince ran with the huntress Artemis taking hounds to forest and hill after deer alongside the goddess of archery and the moon.

Then her prince boasted that the hunt of the land was superior to that of the sea.  Insulted, Poseidon, god of both sea and earthquake, sent a tsunami to drown Amaranth.  In her grief, the virgin Artemis turned her dead lover into the unfading, immortal flower Amaranth now ever sacred to her, ever growing by Artemis Amarynthia her temple on the isle of Euboea.

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella


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