CROWLEY ON CROWLEY – The Most Wicked Man in the World

Allister Crowley was an Englishman born in 1875 and before his death in 1947 took the title The Most Wicked Man in the World, was an occultist, magician, poet, mountaineer, and spy.

As bisexual hedonist, he practiced drugs for pleasure, scarlet women for appetite, and magic for power.

Practicer of black magic, he advanced the occult Thelema sects following after the entity Aiwass who he said contacted him while honeymooning at the Pyramids of Egypt, although his bride complained sleeping on the bare floor of the pyramid was neither romantic nor comfortable.

Upon another occasion, a lady asks her diner partner why that man was sweeping through the diners’ tables wrapped in a cloak.  She was informed not to be concerned, it was just Crowley being invisible.

SUPERNATURAL’S Crowley would not have been amused by such antics of his name sake, but the King of Hell need not to have been disappointed. Crowley with his grandstanding Magick contest with sorcerers, advancing in the Order of the Golden Dawn, homosexual magic ceremonies and flaunting about with Scarlet Women melodrama gave way to a wet Paper-Mache existence.

An oily evil feel followed in his wake at the dilapidated Abbey of Thelema in Italy, that resembled a chicken house, were in 1920 his commune lived in filth with wild dogs and cats running in and out. They preformed Gnostic Masses, worshiped Ra, and Crowley made rent boy and supply runs to Palermo while continuing to rot out his sinus cavity with cocaine. Finally, Mussolini deported him in 1923.

Crowley was described as self-confident, brash, eccentric, egotistic, highly intelligent, arrogant, witty, and when it suited him, cruel, given to petty fits of bile and contempt for his fellow men.

Crowley believed as Crowley believes, “Do What Thou Wilt”.

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella


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