Take Blonde Rowena spelling an un-spelling Cas.

Pointer her threatening finger-of-power at Dean just off the plane from his Hawaii Vacation got Rowena caught, blonde or no blonde disguise.  Dean does not fly.   Rowena should have said “this is a Dean trap” but Dean is just too cute in his Big Flower shirt and sunglasses.  Who could have blamed her for tossing him around to see if he bounced?

Matron gray headed and sweet young thing witches getting zapped by CEO on-the-make Rowena for laughing at hostile coven takeovers. Girls going up in smoke because they didn’t keep up with the WSM quotes–Witch Stock Market.

Of course, it is good to be a demon on the make, but he should have known better than to bust in on his boss’s mama lunch dates with fresh 500 calorie salads on the table, and that did include the low calorie salad dressing. Flying white, chic diner furniture could just the beginning of trouble for an over eager minion.

But, best of all is a Miss Fast Learner, who knew she had to think fast when Witch Hater Dean Winchester informs her that guess what?  He had a false police badge and she had better see a good deed when offered one.   It was a good thing she had a fast track in fast compact mirror phone magic.

Witches come in 3 favors of Triple Goddess.  The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone representing the stages in the female cycle and phases of the moon.

Moon goddess would be worshipped as Maiden, enchantment, beginnings, youth and waxing moons; Mother, ripeness, sexuality, the full moon; the Crone, wisdom, death, waning moon.

Greeks has them all as the triple goddess of Artemis, Maiden virgin goddess of the hunt,

Next is Selene, the Mother of Endymion’s children, the handsome Aeolian shepherd.

Coming full circle is Hecate, the Crone, Queen of Witches, underground and magic.  She is often seen at Halloween with the hocked nose, broom and black cat, and adoring elementary classroom walls everywhere.

Amara has already made herself known to Dean, the Male, Aeolian Shepherd, who she fetched from the Dark as her consort.  Mother Moon.

Girly girl, growing up Amara is eating Uncle Crowley, Uncle Pluto, out of house and Hell. Waxing Moon.

Waning Moon?  Who is it that Crone Amara goes to visit?

Will Amara and Rowena join up or become rivals?

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella

Photos: Screen capped.net

Photos: Are property of ‘The CW’

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