Mirror, Mirror on the wall?

There have been a number of times on shows where mirrors have been seen to be used particularly in fantasy shows and have often been very creative in their technical flair. One thing that stood out to me in this weeks episode was the USE of Mirrors and the effective ways in which they were used. Both instances were made to make a connection between another person.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

So what do we notice here with this shot of Amara walking up to the mirror?

One thing that stands out to me is that she knows HOW to communicate through the mirror because she has talked to the other woman before?? So she knows instinctively how to communicate via the mirror?

Then as if by MAGIC the bigger Amara appears floating in like willow the wisp!

What is behind the communication point that a mirror can help evil communicate? Is it because it can see its OWN reflection looking back at it. Is Glass see through, transparent that it can lend itself to being used by magic?

So what pure properties does glass hold for evil to communicate through?

The boys knew that the witch could communicate with Rowena but were they really aware of how clever witches could be in the way that they communicate with one another. In earlier seasons we have seen demons communicate with the elders via blood from a murdered meat-suit, so all lines of communication with beings are very different as most of the time spells are used to communicate.

So who’s to say one method is better than the other. If either blood or glass will do?

Loosing a human life in order to communicate, does it get the job in question done?

Is in this case, is glass the best means of spiritual communication?

What is so magical about glass, that evil can see through it?

Written and published By: Bella

Photographs: Screencapped.net

Photographs: Property of ‘the CW’


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror on the wall?

  1. I think Demons will always communicate through blood instead of mirrors. It’s in their nature to destroy, slice, mangle, sacrifice and kill. Let’s not forget, Demons are at war with Humans. It started when Lucifer twisted the very first Human, Lilith, into a Demon and it’s been the modus operandi for Lucifer’s children ever since.

    Twist Humans in order to change their nature. Possess their bodies to destroy them from the inside. Make deals to steal their souls away from God and its Eden. Take these souls to Hell and transform them into more Demons. Their aim is to carry out Lucifer’s mission to destroy humanity. Why then, not kill a Human every time you want to make a call? To Demons, Human lives and Human blood are cheap. The only thing worth paying for, is the soul.

    When it comes to Amara, everything Carver said about her so far seems to point to the fact that she’s not evil. Also, the reason she can communicate through a mirror is that she’s talking to herself. The older version of herself. Anytime she needs guidance from The Darkness, all young Amara has to do is look into a mirror.


  2. Right on the mark! Remember when Blonde Mag cut the driver’s throat to use the blood for a spell phone? Startled and scared me silly.

    Shiny must be a good magic conductor like bouncing ham radio signals off water.

    Your list of all those shiny surfaces set up the witch feel.


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