Who is your favorite CURRENT writer on Supernatural ~ POLL

This Polling lark is all NEW to me! so thought after seeing Vee’s efforts which reminded me about polls I would give it another try. And hey presto as if by MAGIC we have a poll. I will be adding some more in the future as I think they are fun, and give us as a community a feel for what others like.


Bella xxx

Polled by: Bella


1 Comment

  1. Hehe, glad my little poll inspired you. I wanted to do something new with my Winchester Report. I plan on having a poll with each one now.

    I had to go with Berens. Used to be Carver but I consider that one part of showrunning is writing a script, not just for one episode, but for a whole season. That’s where Carver lost major points because the Sam not looking for Dean story-line in season 8 will never ever make sense to me.


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