Inspired by Bella’s blog on mirrors used in Bad Seed.

“Is not this silver cup in which my lord drinketh, and whereby indeed he divineth?”  steward of Joseph to his brothers.

Genesis 44:5

Reflections.  Hathor, Egyptian goddess holds the sun between the crescent arches of the moon. Phone Connections occur when the Sekhem–power or energy of a human innate in their nature is built up and projected in magic.  Looking into Hathor’s mirror the reflection projects the human energy to the other side which bounces back–mirror phones.

Mirror 3

Hathor mirror from Pen Interest

Curse casting?  Lose your concentrate or the other has a stronger “battery”, you can get zapped.  Frying those electrical mirror conductors can sizzled you like bacon.

Conjuring mirror from Pin Interest

Conjuring mirror . 4

Magic Mirror from @Magic Mirror site

Divination? Such scrying is learned early by witches. Practiced by Druids, who kept knowlof the future in “stones of power” or natural stones with holes made be nature.  Romans found anything that reflects, a puddle left on the road by a rain will do, try an Apache clear quartz crystal, a crystal ball, try obsidian or volcanic glass, try the Persian Cup of Jamshid, try, as strange as it sounds, water droplets reflecting off of the hairs of a black cat.

Bouncing need not be for magic. Ham radio towers send out waves to bounce off of water, say an ocean, up into the ionosphere to bounce back down and bong around the world. Crazy ball communication.  Bullets bounce off water.  Such a bullet killed a woman driving down an interstate and the police were at a loss to solve the murder until the detective connected that she was driving by a lake and discovered a rifle had been fired near by that ricochet off the water surface striking her.  Ever skip a stone across the water?

Ancient mirrors were polished bronze or copper disks.  Go to Sidon where the Roman Pliny reported the wealthy Romans used glass mirrors backed  by gold leaf.  Modern mirrors started in 1835 when a German chemist applied silver nitrate to a glass surface.  Justus von Liebig made have made these looking glasses but he was a late comer.

Japan crafted makkyo magic mirrors over 2 thousand years ago that had hidden images inside making transparent metal from solid bronze disk.  Yamamoto Akihisa employees the last Japanese craftsmen making these mirrors today.  The mirror with metal transparency dated from the Chinese Han Dynasty 206 BC-24 AD.  The kimmo shotoki, the source of honesty reflecting “everything good or bad, right or wrong without fail” is one of 3 imperial treasures of Japan. This mirror is called Yata-no-Kagami too sacred to be looked upon, the magic mirror is housed at the Ise Shrine away from prying eyes. The sun goddess Amaterasu was deceived looking at her reflection in this mirror as she danced believing another goddess could outshine her.

Japanese Christians used these mirrors during persecutions of the 16th century to hide Christian symbols.


Beholder of the looking glass beware.  Remember Narcissus? Handsome youth found his reflect too enchanting and died gazing at himself, unable to look away.

Taking selfies?  Harmless fun?  Vanity? Maybe, or just Narcissus looking back from the other side.  Know one, a political figure, a CEO, a car salesman?  It gets worse, the APA, the America Psychiatric Association has announced a new disorder, ‘selfies’ obsessive compulsive desire to

take selfies and post them.

Sorceress’ mirror at Deutschess Filmmuseum at Frankford, Germany.

Ancients believed their soul resided outside of the body and could be seen in a reflection.  Take their picture?  Steal their soul.

Ever watch a dog bark at it’s image in a mirror?  Ever watched the true haunting story when on the steamed bathroom mirror a message was written from the inside of the mirror itself to sending you screaming, wet, nude or not, out the bathroom door?  See a haunting face in that old pocked-marked mirror that just might not be your eyes forming faces off of smudges?

Ask Sam in the episode Mary Mary when The Mirror Spirt trapped Sam in his memories, hops out the broken mirror frame and is about to kill Sam when Dean breaks the mirror connection.

Death and departing souls and mirrors go together. Jewish funeral customs can include covering all mirrors lest the departed soul become caught in the reflection.  Do mirrors give you the creeps? Do you believe mirrors can reflect back what they “see”? Do you refuse to have a mirror facing your bed lest your very private privacy be recorded and played back?  Do you refuse to buy an old mirror?  Would you buy a house that had the mirrors covered?  What about buying a mirror from a bloody house?  Seven years bad luck? Break a mirror.

Ask Snow White about her jealous step-mother.  Mirror, mirror in my hand, who is fairest in the land?  The mirror replied, “My Queen you are the fairest in the land,”  Later the mirror announced, “You, my Queen, are fair so true.  But Snow White is a thousand times fairer than you.”   So Snow White ends up with the huntsman taking her to the woods with orders to return carrying the maid’s lungs and liver in a sack to verify her demise.  When the Queen discovered she has been tricked, the wicked queen/witch obtains UPS directions from the mirror to the House of the Seven Dwarfs. A poison apple does its work and without the kiss of Prince Charming the witch would have won.

Do you want to see that mirror? Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherine von Erthal in 1741 played out the fairy tale when her wicked step mother obsessed with her mirror who “talked” in aphorism to her.  Her looking glass’ frame had carved Amour Propre (self love) in the upper right corner.  These favorites of court were called Talking Mirrors.  The mirror can talks to you yet at the Spessart Museum in Lohr am Main a town in

In Judaism the Torah forbid mirror magic and all occult practices.  Christianity as well denounces mirror magic and all occult practice which is linked to Satan and practicers rejecting Christ. Yet Victorian girls at Halloween peered at mirror to see future husband.

Mirror 2

Concerning Bela’s SUPERNATURAL blood bowl phones.  Blond Meg’s throat cutting in episode 1:11, Scarecrow, operated because human sacrifice opened Hell’s connections when the blood is collected in a magic bowl over a spell therefore replacing a mirror reflection.

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella

Picture source: Pinterest

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    The captions for the selfies conjuring mirror is below the discussion of selfies. The caption is “Sorceress’ mirror at Deutschess Filmmuseum at Frankfort, Germany.

    The historic Talking Mirror is located at Lohr am Main in Bavaria, Germany.

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      1. There is much more to mirror magic. Such practices are so occult both Judaism and Christianity absolutely forbid their use. Also concentration on reflection leads to trances. I read once that the occult was a stream shallow on the edges, but one stepped off into the deep, strong currents and would sweep you away.

        Look at the Gordon shield of Perseus used to reflect back the image of the Medusa turning the snaked headed monster to stone, and I forgot to include the myth.

        Now I am teacher. Retired occupational habit.

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