Sam:  I had a crappy guidance counsellor.

Every town has one–that creepy spot that isn’t quite right.  Roosevelt Asylum was that spot for Rockford, Illinois.  The asylum was creepy enough that people had died, 2 kids in the 1970’s and now in 2005, a policeman and his wife.  Dean’s advice to stay away from haunted places was ignored by cops on duty and teens seeking a cheap thrill.

Tortured into unbearable agony, the patients at Roosevelt Asylum revolted, went berserk, went on a spree killing, paid the good doctor a visit trapped in his hidden procedure room showing the physician the error of his way.  As ghosts, theirs was a role reverser, the former patients are no longer victims receiving treatment but now march the halls in charge warning passer-by of room 137.

Did Dr Ellicott begin his rage therapy intending to cure his patients?  Was he deluded to believe his methods healed or did he relished his savage work?  As Dean observed, “All work and no play makes Dr. Elliott a dull boy.”  The victims had an answer to such questions from experience.

While on patrol, a cop and his partner chased kids out of the asylum. Wondering off, one cop found himself ‘cured’ by Dr. Elliott.  When crossed by his wife, the possessed policeman erupted in a rage murdering his spouse then turned the gun on himself.  Next, teenagers Gavin and Kim stopped at the asylum rather than going on to the movies. Gavin explained to a freaked out Kim, a little creepy terror would be fun.  Only after a ghastly ghost locked Kim in a room and whispered “137” in her ear did the brothers find the haunted core of the South Wing. Put out by her boy friend Kim informed her date that “If we make it out of here alive…we are so breaking up.”  Gavin had failed as a dream date.

Sam explained to the kids that ghost hunting was  ‘kinda their job’, leaving the them to fend for themselves.  Then Dean and Sam do what never works for them, they split up.  Sam received a phony phone call sending him to the basement where he was treated by the Doctor.  Amplified irritations became distorted beyond control when Sam warned his mouthy brother, “For once in your life, just shut your mouth.” NO MORE ORDERS!

Seeing blood flowing from his brother’s nose Dean realized Sam was possessed and watched as his brother blast him with rock salt, flinging Dean through the door.  Still entranced, Sam declared he is the normal one.  It was Dean who obeyed their father without question, desperate for approval, being the good little soldier.  The only way to put Dean out of his pathetic existence was killing him.  Dean demanded Sam to take his Smith & Wesson to finish him off.  Turning his bitch face on his only brother intent on murder, Sam squeezed the trigger on empty chambers.  The pistol was unloaded because Dean would never give a mad man a loaded gun. Slugging Sam with a right cross his brother crumbled to the floor and allowed Dean to finish the job, salting and  burning Dr. Ellicott’s corpse, breaking the fiend’s possession of Sam.

The hunt ended.  Dr. Ellicott was laid, the ghosts were released, the Winchesters’ job done.  Kim and Gavin thanked the brothers and left wiser.  Yet, the boys’ passions were raw.  Sam was consumed with guilt over condemning his brother to death, shooting him, is desperate, pleading to explain he could not control his assault, did not believe his accusations. Sure he had issues unresolved, frustrating issues, but never hating, nothing drained his love. Turning away, Dean throw Sam’s pleading back in his face, “You didn’t, huh?”  Flaunting his macho Dean hurried to the Impala announcing he was not in the mood for ‘sharing and caring’.

Later at the hotel exhausted Dean slept unaware his phone rang. Sam answered, startled, it was their Dad. The cycle began again, the hunt, the hidden pain piling up. Dean and Sammy and John becoming what Sam could called a gang and Dean would called a family were on the move once more.

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella

Photographs from:

Photographs: Property of ‘The CW’


2 thoughts on “ASYLUM ~ 1:10 ~ THE NAKED AND THE DEAD

    1. A blog is coming up reviewing real horrific asylums. After reviewing the reality of such places Dean and Sam hunt at Roosevilt Asylum is scarier and makes me shudder?


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