Baby ~ What Bro-moment would you like to see? ~ Poll

We all know that tonight is the all important ‘Baby’ episode. Its been speculated for months what we might actually get to see? So just for fun on this poll as regarding those all important Bro-moments! What would you like to see Robbie Thompson cover during the making of this episode?

Written and Published By: Bella



  1. I’ve seen any spoiler there is about this one and I know we’re getting at least 3 of those choices. I went for the hug. They haven’t had one since “The Executioner’s Song” and since then, Cain!Dean has told Sam that Sam should be dead, he’s beaten him up, come close to killing him and Sam has stood by Dean, loved him through and all and blown up the world for him. They need to hug dammit! A “Taxi Driver” type hug too, meaning an epic one lol.


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