Greetings, My Name is Erin.

I apologize for not writing here sooner.  I do plan on writing more often. Anyway, on to the introduction.

My name is Erin, I am the webmistress? Editor in Chief? of I have had the great fortune of starting my blog about the same time I had decided to binge watch all 10 seasons of Supernatural.  A side blessing of this is that I have met a lot of wonderful and insightful writers. I also was asked to write here and for that I am very grateful.

I have watched this show since it started. Actually I was and still am a giant fan of the show Smallville and I took notice when Jensen Ackles played Lana Lang’s mischievous boyfriend for a short time. Obviously the WB or CW did too because I believe the next year was when Supernatural premiered. Something that will age me a bit is I actually remember him in his soap appearances in Days of our Lives.

I can’t really fall asleep without the television on and I used to watch TNT until I fell asleep and in the mornings they pretty much go through the first five seasons with 2 episodes everyday. I have committed a lot of the first 5 seasons to memory due to how many times I would be half awake listening to Supernatural while I was motivating myself to get out of bed.

I have to say again, that I am really glad I did the binge this summer because I think that “Swan Song” was such an amazing episode that the Leviathan era of the show turned me off completely. It was just disgusting honestly. I watched when Felicia Day aka Charlie made her appearances (I have been a fan-girl of her since she did “The Guild” and “Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog”)

Felicia Day doing her elevator dance on Supernatural.
Felicia Day doing her elevator dance on Supernatural.
Felicia Day's Autobiography, a New York times best seller.
Felicia Day’s Autobiography, a New York times best seller.

The Leviathan period turned me off to the show completely. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching everything after that this summer. It lead me to do a lot of research of my own on biblical stuff and I think it’s important to give credit when a show can bring on a sincere curiosity about something you had been very annoyed by, frankly. It’s proof that media can have a profound affect on society.

Why am I bringing these things up? Because I am a film student. Or, I will be again. I was going to Santa Fé University of Art and Design when going to get breakfast I fell on the sheets of Ice of a sidewalk and tore three ligaments in my knee, had to leave school, move in with my parents and recover. I am still recovering and my accident was in February. I got into a film school in Vancouver, to start next fall, which is only 4 miles away from the studios where Supernatural is shot. I’m hoping I will be able to find tuition money before then because I truly do believe that television and movies have a great impact on how we see the world .Supernatural is a very interesting and amazing show in that it’s audience is multi generational. My son who is going to be 17 next month is a huge supernatural fan, and I know people who are older than I am (35) who love it as well. Dean and I are the same age in the show and almost in life.


He’s a prime example of Generation X and this may make me old and lame but I get the giggles with his one liners but probably because I get the pop culture references many do not.   As much as I try to like Sam, his character has been the most assassinated in the show. I do think that Jared Padalecki is a great person, not just as someone who raises money on behalf of those struggling with depression  but counting himself as one of those people. You would be shocked to know how stigmatized mental health issues are within the entertainment industry. A celebrity who actually talks about these things is so very rare.

Well this has been on long rambling post but I will finish my introduction by naming my favorite episodes.

  1. Swan Song
  2. The French Mistake
  3. Fan-fiction
  4. In the Beginning
  5. PacMan Fever
  6. Yellow Fever
  7. Mystery Spot
  8. Dark Side of the Moon
  9. Changing Channels
  10. Hollywood Babylon
  11. Hammer of the Gods
  12. Fallen Idols
  13. Dog Dean Afternoon
  14. The Magnificent Seven (I only post this one here because I love Katie Cassidy on Arrow, and I preferred her as Ruby)
Katie Cassidy as Ruby in the Episode Magnificent Seven.
Katie Cassidy as Ruby in the Episode Magnificent Seven.


Well I look forward to having more to post but this is my introductory post. I hope to catch you over at Geek Girls Rising dot com



9 thoughts on “Greetings, My Name is Erin.

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  1. Only 4 miles from the studio! Where is your ladder on top of your roof so you can spy? Your ligaments will understand.

    Welcome, looking forward to reading your work.


  2. Hi, Erin! This is turning into basically a hub for us SPN bloggers. Can’t say I agree with you on Sam’s character being the most assassinated- there was a phase of that, but I think what they did to Cas was way worse. I mean, at least Sam was never sentimentalised.


    1. I don’t know, I think in a lot of ways Cas deserves a lot of the crap he gets himself into just on the fact that he’s an angel. Sam almost had the mark of the beast on him since he was six months old and Dean never let him forget ya know?
      But Sam does a lot of stupid stuff too. They all usually have a good intention behind their stupidity except when Sam didn’t have a soul. And when he didn’t look for dean when he went to purgatory .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t mean in the sense that Cas has bad things done to him- I really have no problem with writers doing horrible things to characters, that’s just storytelling for you. But they treated Cas in this awful sickly way for a while. Having him bond with little children and discover emoticons and I just found it horribly cutesy and condescending.
        I don’t pick my favourites based on who’s done the most dumb stuff- I mean, this is SPN, they’ve all done silly shit 😛 nobody’s blameless here. I don’t really agree with the notion of OOC writing as a lot of fans see it, because characters grow and change and that doesn’t always happen slowly. To have Sam not look for Dean in Purgatory was a step too far, I think, writing-wise, but they fixed that in my eyes with Sam going crazy about Dean between s9 and s10.

        Obviously everyone looks at this stuff from a different angle, though.


        1. my feelings are very inconsistent on all of the major players. The different ways that the story goes off into can change everything. I guess that’s something very unique to SPN, getting mad at the characters..Or I do. My feelings on Oliver Queen in Arrow don’t change even though he has been very douchey many a time.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I don’t generally get mad at characters. I’m used to looking a things from quite a writerly perspective, which is probably why. I’m more likely to cry over s4 Sam or s6 Cas tbh 😛


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