Question after viewing Episode 4 of Season 11: “Will our heroes or anyone in real life for that matter, every really change?” Sam and Dean were quite clear in this episode called “Baby” in which the car was the main star. Sam remained optimistic, and held out hope that God would get involved or at least, had given him a sign. (What were those visions he had after his prayer? He was either involved in some mad S&M or was strung up in hell!) Dean, meanwhile, was more of a skeptic, or at least didn’t have any faith that God would involve himself in their latest mess. (Unleashing the Darkness.)

Dean was determined in his belief that he and his brother would be the major players in figuring out how to stop this darkness, even though the monster they encountered told him that nothing could stop it and that he was building an army of monsters to try to offer a little resistance! Dean also reverted back to his fun-loving, sex and good times-seeking self, stopping at the Road House for a night of frivolity. Sam, who wasn’t interested in this activity at all, ends up getting laid by a very pretty girl in the back seat of the Impala. Dean mostly drank! (I guess)

Cas is filling the role of “Bobby” while he recovers from that wicked spell Rowena smacked him with.  And of course, there are secrets between the two brothers, as usual. Sam never told Dean that he was infected. Dean hasn’t told Sam everything that happened between him and “sexy” darkness either! I guarantee you that! It’s nice to have a little diversion from the main story line, and a little humor thrown in there as well. (Loved the sound effects of the fight scenes inside the car!) I’m also very curious to see when some of our questions will be answered. Will God possibly make an appearance? Where is Metatron? What’s the role of Amara in all of this, and why does she grow like an Amazon? Will she try to eat Crowley? Might we even see Michael or Lucifer? Hmmmm. What say you?

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  1. I think what I loved the most was that Sam did own up to praying to God, being infected but not turning into a rabid. I think the writers are trying to change Sam from Sam S8 at least. Its slow, but its there. Dean wasn’t over impressed by Sam’s outburst, but he too is keeping something from Sam. So both are still as bad as one another.

    I have wanted to see this for a long time that the pair of them sit down and we see them talk about what is current. Seeing another window open in the Winchester universe that doesn’t often get opened. Sam feels responsible for setting the darkness free. Even though we know, he didn’t know that was gonna happen. Jared said in a clip this week, that yes the brothers keep secrets but its just to get the other out of trouble. Which was what I always saw. So secrets don’t over bother me now, like it does with some. Either is protecting the other and always for good intentions.

    Nice thoughts there Eric, thank you.

    B xxx


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