XI : Winchester Brothers Report “We Are Home”



We’ve been waiting for her. The warrior, the hero, the guardian angel, Dean’s girl, the Winchester’s true home, the most important object in the world and let’s be honest, the most beautiful girl this show has ever seen. Dean calls her Baby, some call her the Metallicar. I call her the Black Panther, and yesterday, she roaaared! Yeah, baby…

Winchester Car Wash

carwash by dancewithmejensen

We start the episode at the Winchester Car Wash. It’s Baby’s spa day. She’s getting beautified and pampered. The masseuses? Two strapping lads and one of them is in shorts. It’s good to be the queen.

Winchester Night Moves  : Heather, and Piper, and one night, wonders

nightmoves by yaelstiel

“Digging into the lore, is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

The boys hit the road to investigate a case. It’s late, and time for a break. While Dean looks for fun and good times at a roadhouse, possibly with Heather, if she’s done with her Rugaru case, Sam goes to a diner to do some research and grab a bite. Dean spends the whole night in the roadhouse. It’s unclear what he did there, all we know is that “mistakes were made”.
We know exactly what Sam has been up to however. It’s morning and he’s in the Impala, with a naked woman. No need for explanations, Samuel. You’re grown, healthy, and it’s been a while.  We’re proud of you.

Winchester Brothers Road Trip :  a day in the life

handsoffthewheel by sasquatchandleatherjacket

Life inside Baby. Sleeping, talking, getting dressed, listening to music, singing along to the lyrics (Rowena would have loved that. She was suggesting a wee sing song just last week!), eating burritos (poor Dean, he told us in “Yellow Fever” they make Sam “toxic”, that’s what he gets for not letting Sam choose), and most importantly, being regular Joes who enjoy each other’s company.

Winchester Family Affair:  “John and Mary, husband and wife…”

john by mooseleys

The Winchester parental unit has a strong presence in the episode. Young John takes the wheel to check on his boys and give them a message about The Darkness. He plays Mary’s favorite song, “Someday Soon”, by Judy Collins like he used to when he was alive. Sam sings it in his sleep and we learn that he dreams about Mary and all of them having a normal life. Dean also dreams of a normal life, and in a dream he has every couple of months, John teaches him how to drive to get his learner’s permit. The boys might be batting zero on the domestic front, but they still dream.

Winchester Motel :  where we share and care

sleepingboys by sasquatchandleatherjacket

Sam and Dean have been running from one fire to the next since the premiere. Lying in the Impala, in the dead of the night, they finally get a chance to talk, about their parents, and the things they still dream about. Sam shares his vision about John and the message that came with it  : The Darkness is coming and the brothers are the only ones who can stop it. He also talks about the vision he had in the hospital after he prayed when he was infected. As expected, Dean is not happy Sam kept him in the dark about the infection. He dismisses Sam’s visions as after-effects of the disease and his own vision of Amara as unimportant in the grand scheme of things. For Dean, the only thing they can do is keep hunting and look for the solution themselves, because no higher power is going to help them.

Dean hunts the Energizer bunny :  Were/Ghoulpires

werepire by mooseleys

It’s not all fun and games in the Impala, actually it is. In the funniest hunting scene I’ve ever seen on the show, Dean tries to kill the monster that will not die. He shoots it, stabs it, drives over it, uses Baby’s door to decapitate it. The thing is still kicking. It’s some sort of hybrid and Dean’s attempt at killing it are as funny as his attempt at giving it a name. Just like Rowena tried to make the Mega Coven happen, Dean tried to make Werepire and then Ghoulpire happen. Like Rowena, he faces a tough crowd and is met with crickets.

Overall grade : 8.75/10

I give this one an 8.75. Believe it or not,  didn’t like it at first watch and that’s because I made a mistake I carefully avoided making since Carver took over as showrunner : getting my hopes up. I thought it started well but I found myself annoyed during the second half of the episode. Because I came in fully expected to be swimming in brothers, I had little patience for the Deputy that would not die, that kept monologuing as minutes went by, and for that shady Markham lady who was either parked up in the backseat or wailing on Dean… all the while I kept wondering, what the hell is this and when is Sam coming back so this episode can get back to being interesting?

I reset my expectations for the re-watch and was able to enjoy the episode a lot more. After I made peace with the fact that the Pires were going to take up a lot of valuable time in the Impala when Sam was off to parts unknown, I was able to focus on the scene and thoroughly enjoy the hard work Dean was putting in to kill Deputy Dumbass and to restrain Shady Lady Markham. I understood why Jensen loved filming this scene so much. He’s excellent at actions scenes and he gave us everything, energy, horror and humor, in a way only he can.

Samuel’s brand new glow

flirtysam by themegalosaurus

I’m loving the return of Smart!Sam. He’s been on point since episode 2 and it’s a nice to see him work that big brain instead of just stand there, get hit over the head and tied up. His knowledge about the copper coins was damn near arousing and I loved that he delivered a sassy “You’re welcome” in response to Dean’s teasing him about his nerdiness. Welcome back, Encyclopedia of Weirdness!

Speaking of glow, let’s talk about The Sex for a minute.

“Man, I needed that.”
“You’re finally not a virgin anymore.”

I don’t talk about Sam’s sex life half as much as I talk about Dean’s but I’ve been quietly counting the months and wondering when Sam was finally going to allow himself a moment of pleasure. The Piper interlude seemed to do him a world of good. Gave him a nice glow and put him in somewhat of a flirty mood. Look a him chatting up the cashier with confidence while Shady Lady Markham is unleashing hell on Dean. He was probably giving the cashier his number. We know from experience that Sam is a gentleman in the street and a beast in the sheets. According to Dean, he’s also “classy” and “thoughtful” with his one night wonders. Good boy… *throws my handkerchief at Sam again* (Dean doesn’t have to know).

Best Sam moment

So many good ones, how do I choose? Sam flirting at the Gas n’ Sip, Sam shooting at the car, breaking the windshield when he sees Lady Markham at the wheel, Sam with his smoothie, blinking innocently at Dean when Dean grills him about the beer space that was sacrificed in the cooler for said smoothie, Sam’s “you’re welcome” in response to the nerd comment?

I’m going to go with the look Sam gave Dean when Dean says Ghoulpire. It was one of the funniest moment of the episode for me and it went by so fast you could have missed it if you blinked. Jared is great at subtle comedy and that side eye he shot Jensen was wrapped in gold.

Best Dean moment

thankyoubaby by yourfavoritedirector

Dean was on fire in the Impala. I especially love the moment where he apologizes to her for using her door to decapitate the Werepire. Dean trying to explain to Mrs Markham what was going on with the cooler was also a priceless moment, and Jensen was perfect in that scene. And the same way Sam gives it right back when he gets called a nerd, Dean no longer gets defensive when Sam points out that Dean’s wearing shorts (flaunt those legs, baby). His response, “it’s a free bunker”. Ha!

But it’s all about Baby today, and in this episode, she was a warrior right alongside Dean. Watching him thank her and give her some love in the form of a kiss and a pat for her hard work was the best moment. Just Dean and his girl.

Throwback Wednesday : After the Wicked Bello Swan. Also… Pilot?

Robbie Thompson has proven himself competent when it comes to incorporating references to past episodes, and he packed it in in this one.
The most obvious is “Swan Song” with Chuck’s voice-over about “The most important object of pretty much the whole universe.” and the little green army man.
There were many more. Dean using Piper’s hair clip to free himself from his cuffs reminds us of the paper clip he used to do the same in “Pilot” (Piper/paper, I see what you did there, Robbie).
The boys singing is reminiscent of “No Rest for the Wicked”, but with a much better ending this time.

I shot the sheriff…

Dean finally got to finish a joke he started way back in “Jus In Bello”. Oh Henricksen, you should have seen it. You shot the sheriff, and Dean made his way around to shooting the deputy. I close my eyes, and imagine you two sharing a drink to the sound of Bob Marley.

One of the most delicious throwback was  Matt The Cohen, one of my favorite actor/character to ever appear on this show. He also gave Sam the same line he gave to him in “The Song Remains the Same” “You okay pal? You look a little spooked.” Why does it smell of foreshadowing and doom?

Isn’t it bromantic? “Out on the backseat of my brother’s ’67 Chevy”

There were broments aplenty. Dean calling Sam Samuel totally qualifies. In return, Sam gave Dean the old, “It’s Sam”, from “Bloody Mary”, another throwback, then he gave him the dimple (that’s code for Sam smiling in the most prettiest way).

“I respect the fact that you waited.” “Proud of you.”

I like when Dean teases Sam about his sex life and how proud he is whenever Sam uses his downstairs brain on a female not of the demonic variety. Is it weird? Well, so are they, and I love them for it.

“Hands off the wheel.”

I smiled when Dean’s slapped Sam’s hand off the wheel was. My brothers are the same. Pilot doesn’t take suggestions from Shotgun, ever. Stay in your lane.

“Seems like he’s taking good care of you, too.”

John takes one look at Sam and he decides that based on what he sees (and Sammy’s looking fantastic from where I’m sitting), Dean must be taking good care of his little brother.

I’m gonna need a minute to wipe these tears and swallow this lump in my throat. A SamnDean girl can only take so much…

Now you know what’s coming, right?


The throwback some of us have been waiting for and devouring in fics since “Pilot”. It was exchanged again in “Hunted”, mangled in “What Is and What Should Never Be” and then, 8 long years. Turns out, they probably say it to each other every night before going to sleep. *sings* “Someone please call 911, tell them that I’ve just been shot down…”

“Out on the backseat of my brother’s ’67 Chevy”???

They’re trying to kill this fangirl I swear. Sam sang you guys, and he remixed the lyrics to include Dean and Baby. I am done.

hug by sasquatchandleatherjacket

I still have to go with the semi hug for best broment. It’s not quite the epic Pacman Fever hug I was hoping for, but it’s very much appreciated. It’s all in the meaning : in the end, no matter how bruised and battered, they have each other to lean on *swallows other lump*

Juicy Bit : “Someday soon, going with him someday soon”

“Whoever you are, whatever you are.” Is it John, Michael, some even say Lucifer. “Never could fool you could I”. Oy,   this scared me, especially when I listened to the words of the song that was playing. “Going with him someday soon.” Is this Lucifer back to take Sam? Is Sam going to die and meet John wherever he is? I’m worried, but mostly intrigued.

Final verdict

I had a strange journey with this episode but it led one direction. Up, up, up. I love it more every time I think about it, and I went from grading it a 7 to a 7.5, to an 8, and 8.5 and a 8.75. That never happens, and if it wasn’t for a couple of things, it would have been an easy 9. Season 11 has been testing my patience with the brothers being separated early in the game. Sam being out of sight for what took way too long given the circumstances, hurt the episode for this viewer.

In spite of a few flaws, this episode was sorely needed and the more I study it, the more I see the love the one who wrote it has for the story and the things a lot of fans care about. After all the brangst, it was wonderful to see the brothers relax, hang out, have fun with each other and talk. I’ve been wanting them to have some quality we-time and whatever time they spent together in “Baby” was great.

This brings me to my favorite quote, and lady.

“We are home.”

Baby was amazing in this episode. She gave shelter to her boys, a safe place to share their burdens, a classic spot for sexy times, she cradled them in their sleep, fought tooth and nail against the Werepire with Dean and she even bled with him. Even battered and broken, she used her last strengths to bring her fellow soldiers back to the bunker. She’s the third Winchester. No doubt. “There’s my girl.”

Since I don’t want to end this on my single woman tear, let me get a little silly as I race to the finish line  singing “Live fast die young, bad girls do it well”.

miabadgirls by phreshhhouttherunway

Robbie Thompson, thank you, For all of this, and for M.I.A. You knew about the Samulet and it’s now clear you also know about the Green Cooler of Brotherly Love.

But! You gave us Sam getting his groove back, and not even a shot of his naked shoulder. Mmm. You gave us Dean in shorts and no leg. Mmm  mmh. Shame on you, Mister. Good thing us fangirls always come prepared.

“My chain hits my chest when I’m banging on the dashboard.” Boom!

daisydukesjensen by jensengifsdaily

And with Sammy’s smoothie too!

*warrior stance*

Game over.




XI : Winchester Brothers Report
11.01 “We Broke It, We Bought It”
11.02 “That Giant, Crazy Fart”
11.03 “And I have a fake badge”

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