I smell the blood of an Englishman

Be he alive, or be he dead

I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.


Fi–good to eat



Famine, the Fourth Rider of the Apocalypse likes bread from Englishman’s bones. Famine likes any bread, all bread all the time.

What happens to the English’s bones or any body’s bones that goes without their bread?

First, you don’t like it.  It is uncomfortable.  Your mood, focus, sense of well-being are off.

When Famine settles in malnutrition follows.

MIND–just can’t think straight–ask of breakfast school programs across the United State along with support the lunch meals

EYES–vision lose caused by Vitamin A deficiency–ask RAF World War II pilots said to credit their acute vision to eating carrots

MOUTH–bleeding gums, decaying teeth–ask British sailors nicknames Limes eating citrus to fight scurvy.

HEART–decrease heart rare and oxygen levels–ask the Mediterranean Diet folks.

ORGANS–liver and kidney disease–ask high fiber apples slices and brown rice recipes

SKIN–drying and flaking–ask water bottles drinkers, and sweet potato pie and dark leaf spinach

MUSCLES–weaken and shrunk–ask red meat and almonds

BONES–stunted and fragile–ask milk either whole, 2 percent, or, yes, skim

List all the ailments you should have following Dean’s diet.

List all the ailments you should have following Sam’s diet.

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella

The 40 Hour Famine


3 thoughts on “MY BLOODY VALENTINE. 5:14

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  1. Dean’s diet symptoms. Headache, nausea ,blurry eyes, acid reflux, dizziness(mostly from the alcohol consumption) Chest pains and poor circulation from heavy quantities of meat, but this only shows up in later life and may be offset by heavy physical exercise during hunts, training and washing the car. The alcohol symptoms require a pork sandwich in a greasy ashtray but the acid reflux requires medication. Cave man like diet- induces need to hunt, to conquer, to control at times. Hunting comes naturally.
    Sam’s diet symptoms. Difficulty in maintaining muscle mass due to minimum of protein unless added to veggie shakes. Rumbling in the intestinal tract due to processing of plant material and other fibers such as beans in burritos. May require blood transfusions if he isn’t careful to maintain his platelets and red blood cells.Occasional high fevers which require ice baths due to dehydration and other influences. Occasional bouts of nausea and vomiting from excessive consumption of alcohol as well as silliness. Prescription: Early morning runs before your brother wakes up, physical activity during hunts to maintain muscle mass. Occasional burger, steak, Omnivore with heavy emphasis on plants diet- leads to desire to create a peaceful, domestic life which is counter-acted with his need to do good things and save people.
    My tongue is located in my cheek as I remind myself of eating scenes.


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