Did “Thin Lizzie” Make a Bold Statement?

So the latest episode of SPN spoke of, and to, our very souls! It might even have defined “The Darkness” for us. In this episode, Sam and Dean find themselves investigating murders that happened within a Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast museum. Turns out the whole place was a “tourist trap scam” as Dean called it, not haunted by any ghostly entities at all; just a very angry young lady who had her soul eaten by the ever-growing Amara.  Here’s where it gets a little tricky for me. We’ve seen the ‘soulless’ before. Sam was an uncaring machine who did a lot of dirt when his soul was trapped in the hell being “gang-banged” by Lucifer and Michael. Dean was pretty soulless when he became a Demon. (Remember Crowley told Sam: “It’s all him!”) Dean had enough guilt and rage within him to fill a football stadium! Now we get the young lady who is a serial killer and the young man, a genuine, nerdy guy, who cares less, but has not yet become purely evil.


What is it now that defines ‘darkness’ in the context of Amara? Are we to believe every human being has this within them, only to have it rise and overtake their outward actions sooner or later?  Whatever the case, it seems like Amara accelerates, to borrow a phrase from Star Wars, “the turn to the dark side.” Think about it. The young lady was the victim of horrible abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to love and protect her. When Amara was present, touched her hand and eventually ate her soul, she felt joy that hadn’t been within her for most of her life. Her ‘darkness’ rose to the surface quite quickly!  As for our chubby photographer friend, he was a generally nerdy, but happy guy who had friends and a fairly decent life. He was content, so when Amara ate his soul, he didn’t understand why he didn’t feel as much, but he certainly didn’t become a ruthless killer overnight!


So is the reason that “The Darkness” is coming for all of us is that all of us have it within us already? Is this a matter of broken spirits and not just missing souls? Our murderer had no spirit. It was broken long ago. Our photographer had plenty of spirit, and still, without a soul, wanted to do the right thing, even though he admitted a murderous energy was growing inside of him.  Amara meanwhile, has the very visible MOC on her upper left chest area. So is the end game for Darkness is to consume all human souls, then watch as the soulless shells go from place to place slaughtering each other?

Will this Amara grow up to look like the one Dean was soooooo close to when she took him into the midst of the black smoke and thanked him for freeing her? If she is free, why are we seeing Amara? Why did Darkness she have to be ‘reborn?’  And if the MOC is the original mark for murder, or the rising of darkness, what does it have to do with Dean now and where did this ‘super grow’ baby come from? All I know is that Dean brings a big smile to Amara’s face as we saw as our heroes left the crime scene; one like you might expect from a loving daughter???? Shouldn’t Amara and Darkness be looking for Rowena and the Book of the Damned and honoring both of them? As usual, I left entertained, but with more questions than answers…And from the previews of next week, Amara will have grown into a young lady resembling agent Scully of “The X-Files.”

I guess we’ll be learning about everyone’s soulless, dark side before it’s all said an done. Amara, Crowley, Rowena and Metatron will all likely see to that. What are you thinking about all of this? Let us know. Hopefully, I’ll have a few less questions following next week’s episode.


EPC (Yankernatural)

(Photos: The CW/Supernatural)


5 thoughts on “Did “Thin Lizzie” Make a Bold Statement?

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  1. I also think this time that the writers have a better understanding of what being soulless actually means. As last time I seem to recall others felt S6 was all over the place. This time there seems to be less criticism so I suppose the writers got something right this time.

    I did find it weird that the two characters were so different and one knew what he was doing wrong and the other didn’t. Maybe he wasn’t as far gone as the girl was. He was lucky that Sam and Dean got to him in time.

    Nice thoughts Eric.
    B xxx


    1. “one knew what he was doing wrong and the other didn’t”

      Oh she knew. She just didn’t care! I think the difference between her and Len was that he followed willingly the voice of his conscience she was always testing hers. JMHO


  2. A good episode of a MOW should connect to the main arc and pose more questions than it answers. So it works. Emioy Swallow has been cast as adult Amara- the one we have seen on the premiere, so yes she will be on consenting age when she finally leaves Crowley’s tutorial.


  3. I think the point they were making regarding the souls is that not everyone becomes a serial killer when they are soulless. Len actually knew in his head what was right and was still doing the right thing, even as far as turning himself in. The babysitter, now she loved being evil and not doing the right thing! JMHO


    1. See my reply to WrenCollins regarding you are who you are but losing your soul lets you carry out your unspoken intentions. Whether it is Sam, Len, or Sydney- the traits are there.


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