Vivisecting Supernatural- On Bloodlines’ Failure

unholy fool

It’s not easy to pinpoint precisely where Bloodlines went wrong, since the whole thing was pretty much a car crash. I’d say the real issue was in its conception, and everything else stemmed from there- that no sister-show of SPN should be this way was the general feeling surrounding the pilot.

And God knows I’m not saying Bloodlines should have been a carbon-copy of Supernatural. Of course shows have to change and grow; that’s how SPN itself has survived so long. But this was devoid of practically every distinctive feature of our show- the washed-out noir look, the dirtiness, the blue-collar world, Sam and Dean’s overintensity, the sheer weirdness. Because does Bloodlines look like a show that could carry off a French Mistake?


Then there was the horrible continuity. There are worse crimes in an episode, but this was so bad that I’ve forced myself to believe Sam and…

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