The Great Winchester Road Trip Book Project.

message to all of my authors whom are compiling the road trip book project:

I am doing really well with the information and am 50 odd pages into the background of the book. I am planning more advanced pages where I need the following information from you guys. What I need is:

A short biography about yourselves similar to what you did for me on the blog.

What you liked and didn’t like about the season(s) you are reviewing

I am also compiling a section on each of the four main cast Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley. What I thought would be fun if I had a contribution from all my main writers; a couple of paragraphs on each character will do. What you love about each main character and what even annoys you. What each character brings, their individual talent, history in acting and so on. If you could email me this information it would be appreciated email (address below). I also need to know how much work you’ve completed on your reviews…. Caroline can you also let me know if you have contacted Debbab? Debbab this also includes you with the write up’s above.

Written and Published By: Bella

Photos property of: ‘The CW’


3 thoughts on “The Great Winchester Road Trip Book Project.

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  1. Yes barb, I am really pleased with the outcome. I started off doing it in Word, and it drove me mad. Started off in another programme and seems to be settling down. I have an idea where I am heading now, and just need to knuckle down and keep going. I know I have my friends to back me up and those who help me out. Not sure how big this book will be, but so far have laid in 500 pages. So I have a lot of typing to do.

    B xxx


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