“Our Little World” shows a bit more clearly!

supernatural-season-11-episode-6 (1)“Our Little World,” was in my view, a brilliantly written and shot episode of SPN!  I loved the intercutting of the “fight-struggles” on three different fronts: There was Cas with Metatron. There was Dean and Crowley with Amara, and Sam with the demons and his ‘vision.’ As I stated in an earlier post, I thought darkness was just another of Crowley’s selected company that he had absolutely no control over! That one proved to be right on. While Crowley initially showed his ‘muscle’ and parental authority by grounding Amara, who went topside devouring every soul she could find and turning the leftovers into angry killers, we now know that Amara predates hell and Crowley, and could crush both like a grape if she wanted. We also learned, as did Sam and Dean, that Crowley sent a Demon patrol out to clean up Amara’s mess by killing her victims. But why is she so partial to Dean? She was backing off until it appeared Crowley was doing to kill Dean. Dean was only the beneficiary of Rowena’s spell from the ‘Book of the Damned’ that got the MOC off of his arm! Amara’s teenage lust talk with Dean was a bit unnerving and creepy. So was Crowley’s admission of a ‘bro-mance,’ if I can say so myself. But we have learned a little more.


Cas is ‘scarred.’ All the violence and the dishing and taking of beatings, in addition to the remnants of Rowena’s spell has left one of our heroes a bit ‘flawed.’ He was still straight enough to beat the hell out of Metatron, which was just fine with me! I wasn’t expecting the twist of Amara being GOD’S SISTER! “Say what????” These writers have really done some exploration regarding the interpretation, or even the creation of more religious,   (Judaio-Christian) lore. I LOVE IT! If God could have a son, couldn’t he have a sister? And if God has a sister, did he create her? Or do they share a mother? Hmmmm. According to Metatron, God had to sacrifice his sister and lock her away to create the human family. I can’t wait to see where this one goes! Don’t you think that God will now be forced to make an appearance? If and when he does, it won’t be obvious. It’ll be something that ‘yanks’ our emotions and leaves us debating inside our own heads!


We got a look at a ‘cage’ suspended by chains as part of Sam’s reoccurring visions. It had to be the cage where Lucifer and Michael are locked, right? It looked like the same backdrop that we saw Dean suspended in when he went to hell. Why is Sam having these visions? I am taking a stab and saying this is God’s attempt to communicate with him. I have to look again, but did you get the sense that Amara was somewhat afraid when Sam burst into the room where she, Dean and Crowley were? I am thinking Sam will eventually have to make his way back into the cage and do something to insure that The Darkness doesn’t achieve her ultimate agenda? Was Metatron even telling the truth? What is Dean still not revealing about his encounter with ‘sexy Darkness’ in the smoke, away from the ruckus?

If Amara is the darkness, is God the light? One can’t exist without the other, right? I know I’ve got more questions than answers for you, but I think they are legitimate questions. Amara’s end game must be to end all humanity and restore the way things were before God locked her away. Dean wants to kill her before she can do the job. Cas just wants the pain to stop. Crowley just wants a best friend. Rowena wants world-wide witch respect and to destroy her son. Metatron just wants to be a powerful, mischievous ‘know-it-all’ angel again, and Sam wants answers. Yup, I don’t have a clue where all this is going, but the ride is hella-fun! What say you, my SPN fans? Let me know what you’re thinking of all this. What might I have missed?


EPC “Yankernatural”

(Photos: The CW/Supernatural)


3 thoughts on ““Our Little World” shows a bit more clearly!

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  1. I have got to say I am loving this season, it is turning out to be rather good. It has a lot of twists and turns to it, and the show is thinking outside the box too. No I never saw the plot coming that Amara is God’s sister. I did wonder if Dean is connected to her brother wise. But that’s a way off shot!! I love how all the cast have something to do that affect the main plot. I also have to applaud Sam in the fact that he is trying to save as many meat-suits as he can and that its still important to him. As I think the show neglected this detail a bit in the past. I liked the twist with the demon they caught that he had a bullet in him and if they exorcised him he wouldn’t survive. I guess you can’t save em all. Dean delighted in finished off the demon!!

    I am not sure who’s cage it is, and I love ALL your theories, this show is exciting me again, and I can feel my thoughts beginning to think again which has been a long while now. I still have a hunch as some are saying it might be Adam contacting Sam? I can still see one of the brothers ending up in the Empty and I bet its Sam!! Eric, I love the way you sign off toodles, I had a little chuckle!!

    B xx


  2. It was cool how all the main characters decided not to kill their targets;Cas and Metatron, Sam (well 2 out of 3) and his demons, Dean and Amara, and Amara and Crowley . I am thinking that since she thinks of Dean as the epitome of creation , maybe she won’t want to/won’t be able to destroy humanity.

    Are we 100% sure its Sams cage-could it be the cage that Amara was held in? Just throwing it out there 🙂


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