Supernatural :Our Little World

I’m going to change things up a bit tonight. Instead of doing a recap I’m going to introduce some massive spoilers into the conversation, because there were some very interesting developments in this episode, that I’m both confused and excited about, and I’m eager to discuss them. So if you haven’t watched the episode, go do it right now. I’ll wait!

All done? Good!

First up, I want to discuss the sheer dread I’ve been experiencing since Thin Lizzy. Why? Because up til now, we’ve been lead to believe that The Darkness is all bad, all the time. Well, Len’s reaction to having his soul sucked out, radically changes the thinking on that issue. It is a very real possibility that not everyone is going to see The Darkness as a bad thing.

Len’s reaction last week was very telling. He didn’t immediately run out and start killing people. Why? Probably because Len was generally a happy person, who was mostly satisfied with his life, non-political, didn’t have any deep personal beefs with the people he knew. He was a laid back guy, doing something he loved, for a living. At first, I was a little confused that he didn’t immediately become a rabid dog, then as he continued to not react, I started to get worried. The chill didn’t come until he confessed that he could feel something bubbling up inside him. Something dark and dangerous. The feels didn’t come until he offered to die before whatever happened to Sydney, happened to him.

In other words, The Darkness is coming.

So even for people who don’t react to the loss of their soul right away, The Darkness seems to catalyze something inside them.

However, as disturbing as Len’s reaction was, it was actually Sydney’s reaction that scared the piss out of me. Sydney, like most soulless, went on the usual killing spree, but unlike a lot of the soulless we’ve met in the series, she was not uncaring or indifferent. It seemed to make her happy. She actually welcomed her soullessness. For Sydney, the loss of her soul was a release from the pain of human existence. Now think how many damaged human beings you know, who live in a fog of emotional pain, people who want to die, but lack the will to actually kill themselves, the alcoholics, the drug addicts and depressives,  people trying to escape pain. Think how freeing it would be for those people to have Amara take away all their pain by taking their souls.

The next thing that warrants discussion, is Sam’s visions. I’m convinced that Sam’s visions are coming from Lucifer’s cell. I could be wrong or this could be a red herring. The jury is still out on it, but I’m convinced that Lucifer has thrown his hand into the game in the only way he possibly can, through his connection with his chosen vessel. Whether these visions are to aid Amara or stop her, very much depend on who is sending them.  I know we initially thought maybe God was at fault, but remember, Lucifer is an Angel too, and angels also answer prayers. Sam prayed for help. Wouldn’t  Lucy hear it and  take the opportunity to re-establish his connection to his favorite, if he could? To protect his old vessel, if only to use him to fight for, or against, Amara?

Another major revelation, was Amara’s confession that God’s been a bad boy, that he’s her brother, and in order to create this grand new world, he had to banish The Dark. After all, “Let there be Light!” are his first words, biblically speaking. It makes sense that The Darkness would be a part of him. What’s disturbing about this revelation is  not the thought that God has a sister, that’s understandable, but the idea that Amara may not actually be the bad guy in this scenario. She may not actually be evil, but simply a naturally occurring  force, like entropy or decay, which is why she is linked to the death of Death, and the destruction of The Mark of Cain, which was given to Lucifer. Amara may not be the Big Bad this season. Is it a possibility that the Big Bad is God?

That Amara may not be evil, also ties into Sydney’s reaction to her. Sydney wasn’t killing because she disliked people or lacked empathy. She was doing it to worship Amara. She was killing out of love. Could we have an Angel/Jasmine situation developing here?

Also, once again you’ve got parallel narratives occurring, between Michael and Lucifer, Sam and Dean, and God and Amara. The good son, the bad son, the Light and Dark, all flip sides of the same coin.

Another of last night’s plot points is Amara’s breakup with the King of Hell. People keep dumping Crowley, first his best buddy, Dean and now Amara. And was I surprised that Amara came to Dean’s rescue? Nope. We all saw that coming! But what was really interesting…seeing the look on Dean’s face when Crowley mentioned their past bro-mance.


Metratron is still as sleazy as I remember, but I’m glad Castiel spared him, so he can suffer. He could punch him a few more times and I wouldn’t object, though.

Its interesting to see the brothers teasing each other about past events. Dean picking on Sam about being soulless and Sam getting a hit off Dean for his demonic activities with Crowley. They seem pretty comfortable bringing these things up but I keep waiting for one of them to get mad, or offended, but so far, all they’ve done is give each other a bit of pissy face and move on. It’s fascinating to watch.

Now that Amara has freed herself from Crowley, what’s her endgame?

Hey, I’m just speculating. Presenting some ideas. Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

Oh yeah, that triple fight scene at the end between all our star players!



3 thoughts on “Supernatural :Our Little World

  1. Is alieveing someone’s pain bad? Depends on the POV and Amara is new to this existence. She makes GOD sound like the bad guy. This episode made it clear that the line btwn good and evil is somewhat blurred. Even Cas and Metatron have that duality.(OKay not so much Metatron, but he is just trying to survive as a human). Does basic nature win out- Len, Sydney, Jesse? Amara’s fascination with Dean is much like a baby hatchling following the first thing she sees. He is incapable of being killer Dean with her. Sam also has that duality struggle as he attempts to avoid killing even the loathsome demons. LUCIFER never lied to Sam and the John Winchester in his vision says.”i could never fool you.” Enjoyed your take on 11.6/ The title “Our Little World” as multiple interpretations as well. Two sides-one coin.

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  2. I agree with you about Amara not being truly evil. I came to the same deduction based on Thin Lizzie & in this episode, it became even more plausible.
    I think the reaction that Amara has to Dean & vice versa has to do with the Mark. Think about it, Dean was the person keeping the ‘lock’ & then when the Mark vanished, he freed her- there’s no way that she isn’t indebted to him in that way. The Mark creates a bond as Amara described in the first episode & try as he might Dean is bound as well. Amara was Dean’s prisoner & there might be some weird Stockholm syndrome thing going on

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