Who is trying to contact Sam via his visions, is it POLL…..

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Written and Published By: Bella

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10 thoughts on “Who is trying to contact Sam via his visions, is it POLL…..

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    1. I hadn’t thought about that line when I wrote my theory. I know that I’m wrong about it, but, like Sam, I want to believe that whatever is trying to communicate with him is good not evil. It’s unfair for Sam to go through this hell again.

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      1. I hope I’m wrong about my theory too because I don’t want Sam to suffer anymore, and I especially don’t want him to go back to the Cage.
        It’s just that he assumes the vision come from God because they came after he prayed. Only, angels also answer prayers and we keep seeing the Cage which would relate to either Michael or Lucifer. I don’t think it’s Michael because Michael would contact Dean, and Lucifer is the one who’s connected to The Darkness as he’s been wearing the key to her prison since God locked her up. Either way, I love this mystery and I can’t wait to see it unfold!


        1. You are probably right about the visions, but I still have the feeling that the dream from ”Baby” is somehow different from the others. In my opinion, I think that ”John” was trying to say to Sam that he and Dean must be united for defeating the Darkness. If truly was Lucifer, why would he mention Dean or even God? I’m so confused!

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          1. It’s a good point. It could be that several entities are communicating with Sam. Lucifer and someone else who disagrees with Lucifer and wants to steer Sam down the right path?
            It’s all a little murky to me. I was very suspicious of “Baby”‘s John. He said to Sam “I could never fool you” and it was a wrap for me. To this day, I’m not sure who that was. He didn’t say anything bad and still I don’t trust him somehow.


    2. I think many do think it is Lucifer. But a poster mentioned on IMDb about the persons hands being so clean if it was Lucifer would he have such manicured nails and clean hands. They look pretty and not war torn hands. Which was an interesting observation to have made I thought.

      I think with John in the car, we were meant to be suspicious of him even though Sam was a little weary and a tad shocked. I don’t think after he believed it was him either. We know how this show can twist a story down the line….

      B xxx


      1. “if it was Lucifer would he have such manicured nails and clean hands”

        I think he absolutely would. Lucifer was painfully gorgeous and positively glowing in “The End”. If we want to stick to a non alternate time frame Lucifer, Nick’s hands were also whole. The blood that marred them could have been washed off and his hands would have been flawless. I don’t see how war would affect Lucifer’s hands in his human vessel. Maybe in his true form but we’ll never see it. Not to mention, Lucifer would never appear broken and unappealing in a vision he has full control off. He appeared to Nick as Nick’s lovely wife, to Sam as a beautiful Jessica. Lucifer always looks magnificent in visions.


  1. I have a theory: is it possible there are two supernatural beings who try to contact with Sam? I noticed that the two of the three Sam’s visions are images of the cage but the third is a dream which seems to be vivid. What if the cage’s images were coming from Lucifer, but the dream was coming from God?
    When Sam saw the cage, he was terrified by it. However, when his ”father” appeared in his dream he felt weird, but he wasn’t scared of him. They talked and then it was the only moment that ”John” said that ”God helps those who help themselves” (I paraphrase) and that Sam and Dean can defeat the Darkness together.


    1. I think if Sam had seen John first, he would have been scared of him. I think having so many visions chucked at him he was used to being shocked. I think it was more of an oh I didn’t expect to see you sort of look. I think God said that line to encourage the boys, and that he doesn’t want to show. I think he is giving them the strength they need to fight the darkness on their own merit. He bought Cas back without interfering so I don’t think he will show some how. I might be proved wrong. But I think Dean was right, why would he show now. I like your theory though you have strong imagination. Thanks for posting Maria nice to see you.

      B xxx


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