Well, we saw a nice normal episode of Supernatural in “Plush.” It turns out that our ghost-hunting heroes actually end up hunting a vengeful spirit, wrongfully killed under accusations of child molestation, who seeks revenge by possessing the costumes he used to wear, which are now in a thrift shop. It was quite creepy to see the guy in the big bunny head (or insert creepy costume here)  be a stone-cold killer!


This one put me in the mind of the cursed objects shop that they ran into a few seasons back, where the evil ballerina slippers and phonograph turned their owners into murdering psychopaths! I enjoyed the way we were reintroduced to the ‘perky’ Donna Hanscum, who hails from Hibbing, MN. Yes, she is still perky, but is a little more realistic and hardened, thanks to life experiences…AND her introduction to what REALLY goes bump in the night, thanks to Sam, Dean and Jody Mills! Donna also has some personal baggage to dispose of, because of her ex, who happens to have the same first name of a guy that appears to have a liking for her. She actually told Sam to “Mind your own business,” when he suggested that other factors may be leading her toward rough behavior toward this subordinate in the sheriffs dept.


I liked the “Harry Potter” effect that was used on the ghost until the very end of the episode. He was a face on a smoke-like substance, like “Voldemort” in the Potter movie. (The first one.) It was the same, but the nuances were a bit different. In season 11, we are never afraid for our boys when they run into the ‘regular’ stuff. This is now routine for them, and us! We knew they would find a way to send this ghost back where he belonged: moving onto the next stop on the transitional journey.

Then, the end came. Sam confesses in the car that he has been praying to God, and perhaps God is telling him that the answer to defeating “The Darkness” is in the cage. Please tell me Sam won’t have to go back into the cage, where a very angry Lucifer and Michael stripped his soul to shreds when he tumbled in there with them 6 years ago! It looks like this is exactly where we are heading! One potentially bright note, however, is that his return could mean a reprise of Lucifer, and Michaels roles….(Perhaps played by different actors)…or dare I say, an APPEARANCE FROM GOD, SINCE AMARA IS HIS SISTER??? What do you think, now that we have a few weeks before we get episode 8? Let me know.

(Photo: The CW/Supernatural)

EPC “Yankernatural”



  1. I noticed Donna was a little hardened. She really took Jody’s advice to heart. Jody basically told her to stop being a doormat and it was great to see Donna stand up for herself.
    She might give Doug 2.0 a chance, but what’s sure, she won’t let him demean and disrespect her like Doug 1.0 did. Go, Donna!


  2. “Sam confesses in the car that he has been praying to God, and perhaps God is telling him that the answer to defeating “The Darkness” is in the cage”

    I am finding it hard to believe that God would send him back to the cage for answers-Sorry Sam, I think you are being duped again! I hope I am wrong!


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