Okay, I can see where all this is heading now?

Sam started to have visions, and we were not sure WHY?

Sam put two and two together and thought it might be GOD trying to contact him, but he doesn’t know why?

We see pictures of Sam’s visions and him being tortured. But we are not sure where this is, might be HELL? Or Could it be more in the future and be in the CAGE?

Are Sam’s visions really coming from someone in the pit? Or could it be someone else we might not have even suspected in the first place??


Other theories being banded about are:

  1. Could it be Amara who may have infected Sam when she separated the boys in the Premier. Could she have tampered with his mind?
  2. Could Sam simply have a Brain Tumor, and be imagining all this?
  3. We also know that Metatron loves to tell stories and elaborate on them. Could he have planted that thought of John appearing in Sam’s mind?
  4. What if a part of Sam’s wall was left behind when Cas sucked away those hell memories. And when Dean killed Death it was undone? Hence Sam seeing Lucifer….
  5. Then we have The Trickster Archangel Gabriel. We know how powerful he can be at messing with Sam’s mind. Is this a deliberate act to trick him again make him think its GOD trying to make contact?
  6. Or could it have really been the real John Winchester, could it be this simple, also??


So I think God is sending Sam visions, because he wants him to release the two most fierce Archangels because he created them.

He knows deep down, that his archangels are the only things in creation that can defeat the Darkness and put her back, or put her down?

Since they were the only two beings that helped him defeat her in that terrible war that Death talked about. So this makes perfect sense as to why Michael and Lucifer could be freed?

I also think this might be a trap for Sam and the Cage door gets shut on him, and he’s left in there and Dean ends up searching for Sam again to free him?



Written and Published By: Bella

Photos courtesy: of ‘The CW’



5 thoughts on “Okay, I can see where all this is heading now?

Add yours

  1. After the innocents delights of a Sully and John Winchester would turn blue if he saw his sons in sweaters and then The Pit. Sam and the Pit….NO! I fear yes but NO!

    What if this is the final season ending with Sam in the Pit to save the world as the final episode was to be at the end of season 5? If SUPERNATURAL ends like this then fatalism has won even if good dramatic tragedy.


  2. Still waiting to see Amara as total package. Writers doing a job playing with us and shifting the focus between Sam’s visions and Dean’s relationship with Amara. Trying to catch clues in each MOW case. So far, Season 11 is shaping up to be back on track with earlier seasons, but with the Winchester men, not the boys.


  3. It really all depends on whether Amara is the good guy in all this and God’s the bad guy-then the visions are from God. However if Amara IS evil then the visions are from Lucifer or Micheal. JMHO This will not end well (does it ever?)


    1. Amara is god’s sibling. So HE isn’t all that great in this supernatural world the boys live in, is he’.Makes you question what is good and what is bad. Open to interpretation- no, it never ends good for humanity.


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