“Just My Imagination” was delightfully emotional!

The folks that give us Supernatural each week did it again with episode 8 of their 11th season, “Just My Imagination.”  Turns out those friends that many of us had while growing up weren’t ‘just in our minds’ at all! They are ‘Zana,’ placed here only to make the lives of troubled children bearable again. It turns out that this ability is their only power. They can’t bring folks back from the dead, or magically make things appear. In fact, once we can see them, they are almost human, with a lot less apprehension that most of us would have upon seeing strangers. They are walking psychologists without much instinct. They are strictly here to help kids get well; so to see some of them brutally murdered by an adult who was abandoned by one of these Zana, was both touching and creepy.


We have officially seen it all now; We’ve had Vampires and Werewolves, Fairies and Dragons, Kronos and Osiris, and now you can add Zana to that list. The way they were woven into the fabric of this week’s story, fresh with murder scenes and glittery blood from an ‘imaginary’ murder victim made this episode quite interesting. We know how creative the writers of this show can be with mythology and lore! It is amazing that they’ve done  this quite successfully for 11 seasons!  Oh, bye the way; they managed to incorporate this season’s main story line into the episode as well. Very cool!


Even Sully, Sam’s imaginary childhood friend, knew of “The Darkness” and that it is coming, (Well, he had heard some rumors.) which brought Sam back to trying to interpret the visions he has been getting, which he thinks are coming straight from God.  Sully, who was quite multi-dimensional as a character, (unlike the Cupid we saw a few seasons ago) even helps adult Sam try to figure out where he belongs in terms of his role in trying to defeat the dreaded ‘Darkness.’ And whether he should go back to hell and into the cage with Lucifer to find out if a way to defeat this ancient entity is located there!

I dread to think about it, but it seems to me that all indications are pointing to Sam somehow returning to the cage! What’s he gonna do, ask Lucifer for help? How’s he gonna get in? More important, how is he gonna get out? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out, but we all know that we’ll learn a lot more in the mid-season finale’ which should be very interesting. I can’t wait to learn if vengeance is the deal for Amara, God’s sister, or if she has something else on her plate? Is “The Darkness” as powerful as God?  If God has a sister, did he have a mother? Wait, I guess I’m getting a little too far ahead of myself now.


I DO KNOW THIS: Sam’s going into the cage! Look at the bright side. He was there before and got out, even though his soul was left behind. He had to pass through Purgatory to get to hell to save Bobby’s soul, so our boy has a little experience under his belt. Hey! Has the show been renewed for a 12th season? If not, perhaps the end hasn’t quite been determined.  What do you guys think?

(Photos: The CW/ Supernatural)


EPC “Yankernatural”


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  1. “I DO KNOW THIS: Sam’s going into the cage! Look at the bright side. He was there before and got out, even though his soul was left behind.”

    Ooh, interesting. I wonder what tricks Sam learned from his time in the Cage. Plus, it’s not far fetched that he could escape, the Cage is meant to house an archangel. He couldn’t do it the first time but he does have more tools under his belt this time around.

    Season 12 hasn’t been announced yet. The CW hasn’t renewed any of its show but it’s a given and as far as I’m concerned, a done deal. The show has maintained its position in the top 3 of its network, the president of the CW, Mike Pedowitz is a huge fan who has stood in front of the press 3 times to say that he isn’t cancelling SPN, and Jared and Jensen have confirmed countless times that they’re not going anywhere 🙂


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