What is Amara’s PLAN?

On IMDb a thread came up with a theory which I thought could work in the realms of Supernatural. Amara has since the premier been niggling away at me, wondering why is she here and what is her purpose. We know God locked her away and tricked her, and now with Sam’s help she is free on the planet once more. Now she must have some sneaky plan up her sleeve otherwise what’s the point in her character being introduced?




Their theory: Is Amara jealous that her brother can create, so she wants Dean so that she can essentially create her own species or creations.

In many creation myths creation is only possible through procreation IE; sex so it’s my theory that she needs Dean as a mate to create a new species, that she can rule over as a creator. Dean will essentially be the father of this new species of beings…..

By ‘actionmanrandell’


I wondered thinking back if I found myself thinking about this, as it sort of twigged. It seems a reasonable explanation and this also feels like Season 4 with Sam and Ruby. Only this time Dean is with Amara. She as we know does have some hold over him. So my concern is will Dean have even a say in this if it does happen? Will she manipulate him and use him to her own advantage without Dean’s knowledge? My other thought which I expressed in this thread was, that Amara most of the time would be heavily pregnant, and producing 1 baby per time. Which would take her a life time to produce an army on such a scale. So will she be popping a mass of babies in one hit? Will she only need Dean once, to do the job? That sounds gross, but its the way my heads working tonight….

So do you think this scenario seems plausible, and maybe something the writers might conjure up? As always do let me know in the box below!

Bella xxx 


Written and Published By: Bella

Citing Source: IMDb posters thought from ‘actionmanrandell’

Photograph’s: Courtesy of screencaps.net

Photograph’s: Property of ‘The CW’



6 thoughts on “What is Amara’s PLAN?

  1. I thought her plan is simple, too destroy what God (her brother) made. She doesn’t seem to care to much about the lives or welfare of the people she sucked the soul out of. She wants to bring the world down to get back at God for tricking and trapping her. And my thoughts on it is God trapped her and used her powers to create the souls to give humans life. Dean, honestly I think she finds him fascinating. A older brother that does anything to save his younger brother’s life. Dean doesn’t entrap Sam or use for him for his own gain like God did to her. Dean doesn’t feel jealous, vindictive or enraged by Sam Like Lucifer. Dean certainly didn’t kill Sam to save him, like Cain. Dean would slay Death, Go to Hell, Die 1000+ times, and even face God himself to save his Brother. She’s fascinated with him, enthralled and sometimes even envious of Dean.



    “Amara might be female, but she’s not a woman, she’s a goddess. At the rate she can ‘grow herself’, I doubt it would take her 9 months, 30 hours of labor and 18 years to make 1 new being of adult age. She’ll make them very quickly. She probably only needs one prototype that she can duplicate at will.”


    1. This is what I am thinking now too, once that penny dropped. She isn’t human, she is a supernatural being. So she can mass produce and as you say would only need 1 proto-type from Dean to make several cloned Dean’s. Oh no, just thought remember Cas under Naomi when she laid out all those Dean’s on that warehouse floor. But will they be cloned the same and look the same as Dean or will they all be different to look at??

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      1. The SPN canon showed that all source of life needs masculine and feminine energy. Even God is female and male. In order for hetrnew species to be viable, Amara would need 2 prototypes, as in 2 children with Dean, one male, and one female. She can’t do much with just mini-Deans (I mean love the idea but that spells extinction). She would need one mini-Dean and one mini-Amara that she can multiply and who can in turn multiply themselves.


  3. Oh my God, Bella, I raced to IMDb so fast!!! I need to be a part of this conversation!!!

    I absolutely love this theory. I love it so much, I think it’s not plausible. Why? Because it would be this Dean girl’s dream come TRUE.
    You know I already worship him like a demi-god, and the idea that God 2.0 would choose him as her Adam strokes my ego like you wouldn’t believe.

    He is absolute perfection, and if I landed in the SPN world, and were a Goddess looking to procreate, I would snatch him up so fast his head would spin. I would lift him up on a cloud like Greek Gods used to do when they snatched beautiful in the legends, and I would lock him up in my celestial palace as my baby making Adonis lmao!

    Go Amara! Do it for us! If anybody needs to be the father of a new species, it’s this magnificent specimen of a man. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. I get it, but have the writers made it happen. Its an amazing theory but I find I get so excited about an idea then it never happens and falls flat like a lead balloon. In the past I’ve thought of SO many creative thoughts and nothing ever metalized. But I can see her being jealous of her brother that he created such amazing beings like angels and even more powerful archangels, then humans. Who wouldn’t be jealous of that power. I would love to know if she did anything to deserve to be locked away for. Had she scuppered his chances of creation and put a spanner in the works?? Was he jealous of something she did?

      I also thought this morning about Dean being the first man she saw, did she ever know what a man was? She’s been locked away for so long would she have even maybe remembered. I get you about Dean been the perfect man, and she sure has good taste. Imagine what the baby species will turn out, how good looking they will be. Dean is HOT totty. No wonder she wanted to kiss him…

      B xxx

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