Sam teaming up with Crowley?

Was this a dumb move, or the dumbest MOVE?

This show in the past has had some crazy idea’s running through its veins. Okay so Amara has probably double crossed Crowley, so we know she is heading for the nearest town this week to cause mayhem and as much distress on us humans as she can. So what had she exactly done to Crowley? Had Amara injured Crowley before planning her escape. Did she enlist any followers before she decided to break free from HELL?

So setting the scene for Crowley to link up with Sam or vice versa, Crowley knows HELL, so perfect partner to ask to team up with you to find the cage. So Sam is using Crowley? Ha, okay get this… Good business partner to team up with, NO? But what I don’t get is WHY is Crowley teaming up with SAM? Does he want Lucifer free to defeat Amara too, the girl he’s spent the last six months living with? What went so BADLY wrong that Crowley would want her dead? What OTHER reason would Crowley team up with Sam??

Crowley was a strong Lucifer supporter before. So he would know him better than Sam, but is Lucifer generally the best person to involve? Would Lucifer double cross them both in the blink of an eye too? Lucifer is much more powerful than both of them put together. And with Michael in there if Michael is still in the cage, they have double trouble to deal with?? Who is to say that Lucifer will help? And of course that same old chestnut what is in it for Lucifer if he does agree?

Ever since I first read this as a title for the mid-season finale, it has given me goose bumps. I can’t stop thinking about it, and where it will lead our heroes. Will someone end up dead?? And what is Dean doing with Amara?? Enlisting her to help with Sam? Thoughts in the comments box below ….

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4 thoughts on “Sam teaming up with Crowley?

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  1. Good answers guys! I like these. Percysowner: Good answer. Crowley is a a pragmatic person. The bigger threat is Amara. The Winchesters are a threat but he often uses them as a kind of nuclear option to take out much bigger foes.


  2. “But what I don’t get is WHY is Crowley teaming up with SAM? Does he want Lucifer free to defeat Amara too, the girl he’s spent the last six months living with?”

    At first I was surprised because last time I checked, Crowley didn’t want anything to do with Sam after Sam tried to kill him, but then I remembered that Crowley is a strategist. He will never let a grudge get in the way of his interests. Crowley has always been about removing the BIGGER threat off the board. He helped take down Lucifer once before, he figures he can do it again, AFTER, he gets rid of Amara who he knows is even more powerful than Lucifer.

    “What went so BADLY wrong that Crowley would want her dead? What OTHER reason would Crowley team up with Sam??”

    What went wrong is that Crowley failed to control Amara the way he wanted to. The only way she’s useful to him is if he’s in a position to influence her and control her powers. If he can’t make her an ally, she becomes a threat to him because she has the juice to wipe him off the board.

    “Crowley was a strong Lucifer supporter before.”

    Crowley’s never been a strong supporter of Lucifer. He’s always been smart enough to know that with Lucifer in power, he, and the whole demon race were in danger.
    Remember his conversation with Brady in “The Devil You Know”?

    Crowley: “Do the math yourself. If Lucifer wins, he’ll turn this place into his kingdom. When the Morning Star cleans house, we all get the mop.”

    Brady: “He created us. Why would he destroy us? That makes no sense.”

    Crowley: “Look at who –at what he is. Then take a look at what we are.”

    “Who is to say that Lucifer will help?”

    I believe Sam is walking into a trap. I don’t understand why he’s so eager to believe that God is the one who’s talking to him (well I understand and I’ve analyzed it at length). I still think he’s rushing into this and he’s being imprudent.

    As for Dean, I’ve said since the beginning that he was going to enlist Amara’s help to get Sam out of trouble. I don’t think she has it in herself to tell him no if he asks her to protect someone he sees as an extension of himself. Dean is important to her and if she wants to protect him as she says she does, she won’t leave Sam to the wolves because she’ll realize that it will destroy Dean.

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  3. Crowley was a strong Lucifer supporter before.

    Actually Crowley was NEVER a Lucifer supporter. His first act when introduced was to ally with the boys to stop Lucifer because he knew that once Lucifer won and destroyed all humans, demons would be next on the list.

    I will say that I think Sam allying with Crowley to try and stop Amara is not nearly as dumb as Dean going off and working with Crowley because Sam found out about the Gadreel possession and not forgiving Dean instantaneously.

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  4. who better than Crowley to get to the Cage? Sam will not wait for Dean to go along with this plan and will once again go rogue IMHO. Crowley wins if he can keep Amara from ruining him, so he has something to gain. That leaves Dean with having to bargain to save Sam from the effects of the Cage. New Death, Billie, has said that this time, dead is dead. Well, maybe Dean can strike a deal with her for another wall for Sam. I also see Dean and Amara in an unexpected involvement. I am still not sure that Amara has something good to offer, but that revenge she seeks is clouding her vision. Perhaps, Dean can “enlighten” her. Just thinking aloud. The mid season finale will start us on the path.


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