“Oh Brother!” Do we have to wait?

This one really had the supernatural fandom going every which way! Once again, this show doesn’t fall short when it comes to ‘yanking’ our emotional ties to its characters! We all knew that Sam would wind up back inside Lucifer’s cage somehow, but few of us knew it would be quite like this! To recap, finally Amara is all grown up.  She is looking for her brother, God, to show himself, and we see her come upon an outdoor preacher, who is supremely confident in making his statements on behalf of God and people’s need to repent. Amara brings some o that ‘wrath thing’ to light by making a water fountain pour blood and having lightening take out everybody who had gathered to listen to the preacher! It was as if we were getting a commentary; “This is the kind of stuff God USED TO do!” Why did she kill everyone? Is she angry? Oh yeah! She’s trying to get God’s attention! If she harms his prize creation, he will come to their defense. NOT! So she goes to church, is told by the priest to pray. Still, there was no response. Everyone inside the church is smitten….the priest flung against the base of a religious statue, splitting his head open. Ouch!

Sam has made the decision to team with Crowley to try to find a way to get the answers to defeating Amara, which he feels lie inside of Lucifer’s cage. Lucifer helped God put Amara away the first time, so he’ll provide some valuable first hand expertise! Sam’s visions meanwhile, have become stronger, and include him hanging by chains and S&M materials, and his skin being burned off! He feels these signs are coming from God, which many of us hoped was the case. (But why would he give Sam visions of being tortured?) Anyway, Rowena, the slick-ass witch, says she can get Sam to the cage and ward off Lucifer so the two can talk and get the answers to handling Amara. Rowena will need “The Book of the Damned,” and “The Codex” to complete this task.

Dean hates this idea, and while away investigating Amara’s church carnage, Sam is told by Rowena that they have to get to hell IMMEDIATELY! Sam calls Dean, but his older brother is being wooed by the “Sister of God,” and doesn’t answer. A key point here is that Dean asks Amara, after she whisks him to that open field where she was first released, “So there is a Mother?” Amara tersely answers, “NO MOTHER!” This speaks to a couple of theological topics to me; the writers, who have challenged most forms of religious lore, aren’t fond of the absolute lack of acknowledgement of women’s roles in Christianity. Biblically, God created Adam, and Eve came from Adam’s rib. (Not his sister) Supernaturally, God created himself?, and a little sister came from him? (No shared mother.) Amara easily disposes of some angels who decide to try to assassinate her before she can bring darkness into the world, but upon this short battle royal, she sends Dean safely away as a bunch of angels descend to smite her good! (Stay tuned.)

Finally, we find Sam, Rowena and Crowley in hell and at the cage. Lucifer is reprised by Mark Pellegrino, and in an excellent way. He is a little more upbeat and creepy, and always seems to have an answer/ excuse for anything Sam says to him. (As usual) When Lucifer first appears with the glowing red eyes, it brought me back to our first exposure to “Yellow Eyes” and for me, was a foreshadowing of the danger that Lucifer brings to whatever he interacts with. It was delightfully creepy.

Now, I am dreading the rest. The warding fades away. (Who thinks Rowena has something to do with that?) Sam is now trapped inside the cage with the angel who wore him and was double-crossed in the battle of the apocalypse! Lucifer says that when The Darkness was released, cracks appeared in his cage, allowing him to implant visions in Sam’s noggin! (Could the King of Lying and deceit by at it again?) I don’t think so! Anyway, he wants to wear Sam back topside and appears he may get his way. Could Sam win the wrestling match for his soul again vs Lucifer? We also learn that Amara’s ‘raw power’ is equal to that of God. Hmmmmm. God did need help to lock her away.

I don’t feel too good about the angels descending on Amara then! It appears Lucifer himself wouldn’t stand much of a chance, but he might not even try to stop Amara once he has his vessel. Plot Question: Where in Heaven’s name is Michael? Wasn’t he also trapped in the cage, or did God remove him from perdition? Anyway, we are in a good ole SPN pickle! And it is WONDERFUL!  Darkness wants to bring bliss by wiping out everything! Lucifer wants to bring evil! Rowena wants to ride Lucifer. Crowley wants to live! Metatron? Cas? God? Oh MY! Can’t wait until January!


Eric “Yankernatural” Clemons

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