Does Dean still have the Mark?

Okay, this question has come up on IMDb in a thread I started yesterday, that Rowena didn’t take all of the Mark away from Dean’s arm. A bit like Sam when Gadreel left Sam’s body he left some unwanted residue behind and Sam wanted to extract it and use it to track him. It has been hinted that Dean is showing signs, little signs but perhaps significant big ones! That all is not well with our eldest Winchester!!

So how is this actually possible? Had Rowena NOT followed her spell correctly? is my first thought. Or did she do something deliberately to keep Dean at bay so maybe she had some sort of hold over him. She knows how The Winchesters play her son for a fool and continuously use him to their own advantages. Is she trying to score a point here? Why would she really not do her job properly. Was she pissed at Sam for holding her prisinor and chained all that time. Could this have had some lasting damage on Rowena?

Killing Amara was what bought me into this train of thought. And Snow mentioned that perhaps The First Blade might be the only weapon that could kill her. But then can anything kill her? Dean tried with the Angel Blade and she didn’t even murmur. Its also thought that Dean could technically still use the blade even without owning the Mark on his arm. And the third thought, is Dean still human, really human? How tainted is he will he ever be old Dean again? Has the Mark left some residue behind like Gadreel did with Sam. Is this why Amara and Dean share this profound Bond like Dean does with Castiel?

So what do you think? Am I stark staring bonkers or am I onto something with Snow’s help. Could it be that Dean is still under the influence and hasn’t fully shaken off any lingering odors of the Mark of Cain?


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  1. Male and Female cosmic forces create. Just like the gods of myth. Those creation gods unite and create in time and space making order out of the cosmic chaos.

    The Lord God Almighty is as Yul Brynner said as Pharoah at the end of the Ten Commandments, Moses’ god is God. That is a whole other matter.

    Amara can be the sister of god and unite with a human and create. She however cannot be the sister of the Lord Almighty. That is not possible. What darkness is to God I do not know. No human knows.

    To know more than what a human knows is to stop being human.

    If Dean unites with Amara, we have seen them kiss and I find myself melting to the floor, like the cameras melt just filming the passion. When that happens Dean is no more. He cannot exist as a god and man. (How Christ is the Second Head of the Trinity and man is not knowable. People talk, write books, teach theology, but it is a divine mystery by its nature. What we do is gossip like for the last 20 centuries)

    The shadow of the Mark of Cain must have an influence, just like an alcoholic’s attraction is always there. No one can unsee something.

    If Lucifer consumes Sam and Amara consumers Dean then we are back to Detriot where Lucifer/Sam told human Dean, we will always end up here.

    If that happens brothers Sam and Dean evaporate. Down to the last essence their DNA has evaporated–gone.

    End of SUPERNATURAL the T V Show. The artistic arch is completed in 3 acts. The play is FINIS. Great drama, myth worthy of the plays of Ancient Greece.

    Sounds similiar to the original arch intended at the close of seasons 5. Sam in Hell holding Lucifer, and Dean eating mash potatoes, retired hunter with Lisa and Ben.

    Boy, do I hope not.


  2. IMHO the mark is totally gone from Dean. If any of the key was left in the lock. the door would be closed and Amara still confined. Dean suffers from another bout of this is my fault and I have to fix it. He is, however, connected through the mark to Amara in a scenario that has yet to play out. That bond should prove interesting since Dean is only connected to one other being in such a dramatic manner and that is Sam. He also suffers from knowing what he did while possessing the mark-both the good and the bad. In reality, Sam had Rowena cast the spell to remove the mark. But Dean’s decision to accept the MOC weighs on him.

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    1. So its basically Amara’s mojo working on Dean, its her presence that is affecting him not anything left behind from the Mark? Its vibes forcing him to connect to her because of the Mark connection? So this bond must be pretty powerful!

      B xx


  3. I personally think the mark is gone. I think whatever is wrong with Dean is all from The Darkness being freed, and him being the last person to have the mark. jmho

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