Supernatural Fandom

Hey everybody, I’ve been on holiday and thus not writing on my blog probably until the second half of the season starts again. However,  I noticed this and thought the Supernatural Fandom would want to know.


If you go to they have a weekly competition with different shows to see who has the biggest fandom.. Supernatural is in the first round versus American Horror Story. SPN is winning already but it can’t hurt to pass this on right? And if you wanna do my a huge favor and vote for pretty little liars that would be awesome too. It has movies and music and TV. Always fun right?


Anyway Happy New Year




One thought on “Supernatural Fandom

  1. I just saw this in my EW magazine, and I was going to post it also. EW neglects Supernatural terribly. I am definitely going to vote-Bella maybe you can post on IMDB if it isnt already there? 🙂

    Lets show EW that Supernatural matters!


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