The Great WINCHESTER Road Trip Book project ~News.

It is with regret that Lou has had to back out of the project for personal reasons, which has really affected me. Lou was my guiding light, and persuaded me to put my mind to paper and put this project back on the map. So I am very sorry to loose her from the team. So therefore I need to find a new author(s) for seasons 3 and season 11. If anyone would like to step forward and declare any of these seasons It would be so appreciated. Otherwise the heavy work load will fall back on my shoulders.

All these three pictures will be on the front cover of the book.


The book is slowly coming along, almost laid out the first season. After my brother spent time with me over Christmas we had fun laying out the page design for each season. Each season is having its own colour code so you can easily locate it, and will have information and pictures about the area and will look like a travel guide.  Pages are being designed in Adobe In-Design CS6 so anyone who has this software will be able to read attachments. Otherwise, its a case of downloading that software. Unless anyone has a bright idea in me allowing you all to see its progress because Word Share failed.

Season 7 – Defending your life!


I need to know how far the remaining authors are progressing and where you are at. I am bothered, as up to now Southeast is the only one to have sent in three episodes of Season 1. I am expanding the finish date and giving the project two years, so January 2019 will be the deadline. If we finish before hand, brilliant. I need to extend this time because of the shear layout of information I have to include and need to find. We also are limited to the length of words in which to cover in an episode review. Please don’t go over 600 words as the review will have to be edited to fit the page area.

Season 7 – Defending your Life – end scene.


So the offer of taking on another author or author(s) for season 3 and 11 respectively are open for grabs. Please email me and let me know if you would like to take on this responsibility and mammoth task.

My email address is:

Thank you,

Bella xxx

Photographs: Property of ‘The CW’


4 thoughts on “The Great WINCHESTER Road Trip Book project ~News.

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  1. Hi Bella,
    Thanks for the update. Fantastic job so far, congratulations!
    I feel there’s a little change or new info about the layout with every post lol.

    Do we have a complete and updated template that everyone will be able to use as a guideline so all the chapters fit together?

    I don’t have the Adobe software. I’ll PM you to see what solution we can come up with.
    My new computer is all set up. I’m back at work on the book. I understand you’re worried. The review is coming soon, you have my word.


  2. Hello,

    I emailed you all my season 1 Road Projects, but got rejection notices back. If you failed to get 4-7 let me know and I will resend them.

    Also I sent in some blog articles, if you have no new ones from me, I will resend them as well.

    Thank you.



  3. Susannah Taylor has offered to take on Season 3, so this is great news guys!
    Thank you for stepping in Susannah.

    The offer still stands, that season 11 still remains so this is still up for grabs. Let me know if anyone is interested. My email address is above.

    Thank you once again.

    Bella xxx

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