Supernatural: The Devil in the Details

I can’t often predict most of what happens on this show, because the writers like to confound me but there were several things I saw coming in this episode. That said, welcome to the review of tonight’s episode and the end of our mid-season hiatus.

Things start off a little confusing because we are in a dream sequence starring Rowena and Crowley celebrating Christmas. Crowley looks so adorable in his little onesy. Its hilarious. I didn’t  expect this episode to be as funny as it was, especially when “Santa” (otherwise spelled “Satan”) shows up and kills Crowley with a giant peppermint stick.

Dean is being getting sick in the car because  being “Smitten”  or “Smited’ is akin to getting nuked and the closer you are to the blast radius, the worse you feel. Castiel volunteers to go out to the open field, which seems a lot less open with trees all over it, to find that the “Smiting”, didn’t actually work and Amara is just fine. I did predict the death of the little accounting angel that Castiel met on his way to see Amara. I figured the best way for her to handle the situation was to waltz up to Amara and poke her, because that’s how stupid people handle things they think are dead.

There’s truth-telling all over this episode as Amara “reads” Castiel and decides he isn’t worth killing. You’ve got people throwing all kinds of shade on Cas, and I didn’t like it. The little angel that couldn’t, Amara, and Lucifer all decide to weigh in on how worthless Castiel is, which is what informs the decision I KNEW he was going to make at the end of the episode. Plus you’ve got Lucifer taking Sam on a grand tour of his life’s mess-ups, and castigating him for not having enough backbone to take down Amara which is why he needs Lucifer. And you’ve got Rowena speaking some nasty truths to Crowley later in the episode.

Lucy’s tactic almost works. I’m sitting on pins and needles, yelling “Don’t fall for it Sam! Ask the big questions!” And yeah, my boy comes through in the end, with the big question of: How the Hell is Lucifer going to take down Amara by himself, when last time it took God and three of his  Angel brothers to wrestle her out of the game? Sam caught on  that everything Lucifer was telling him was just a ruse to get out of the cage. Good boy, Sam!

Incidentally,I loved Lucifer’s little dig at the show “Lucifer”, which will be airing on Fox next week, where Lucifer decides to move to LA and help the police solve crimes. A show I have absolutely no intention of looking at.  I’m going to just pretend it doesn’t exist.

There was the return of Billie the Reaper, who is all kinds of “Jackie Brown Cool”. I love this character, so she will probably get killed, probably by Dean. She procures a Witches Bridle for Crowley and they manage to trap Rowena in it, so that Crowley can command her to put Lucifer back in to the cage. Crowley has every reason to be scared of Lucifer for usurping his authority and betraying him the last time he was out and about.

So, while Lucy is beating the crap out of Sam, Cas shows up with Amara’s message for Crowley inscribed on his chest. “I Am Coming!” Dean rides to Sam’s rescue and probably gets the snot beaten out of him too. Luckily Sam  doesn’t have to make the decision to choose between the world and Dean because Castiel steps in to make the big decision to be Lucy’s new host, and I had no idea an Angel could possess another angel, although I suppose it makes sense as its just another human host.

Yeah, I saw that coming. Everything being said about Castiel this episode was leading to that moment. Funniest moment in the entire episode is Lucifer choosing Tavares’ disco song”‘Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” as the soundtrack for the brother’s beat-down. I like the it a lot but that’s  a horrible song to get beaten up to, and it would not be my first choice. I definitely wouldn’t choose disco.

I also knew Rowena would be killed by Lucy, as that’s exactly what I would do if I were him, and found she was the only person who could imprison me again. Its interesting watching Castiel acting like Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer. He doesn’t quite get it exactly right but its a game try and it was fun.

I’m gonna miss Rowena, but slippery little noodle that she is, I do expect her to make some sort of comeback, if only so she can torment Crowley some more. One of the night’s most interesting revelations of the evening, is when she tells Crowley why she hates him so much. Crowley realizes that sometimes its not  all about him, and  I can accept that as a reason for hating one’s child.

So now we got two Big Bads roaming the world and causing havoc. All we need do now I guess is wait for the inevitable showdown, where one of them gets their butt kicked. My money is on Amara, but the show could pull the rug out from under our predictions and introduce a brand new player (G-D?) by the end of the season.









7 thoughts on “Supernatural: The Devil in the Details

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  1. Nice work Ikeke.
    Sam was very brave in standing up to Lucifer. There was a lot I loved about this episode and yes even Crowley in a onesy made my year! I wonder how Mark felt about having to act a scene in that gear. I bet he was poked fun at behind the scenes. J2 would love to tease him I am sure.

    B xxx

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    1. I read somewhere else that maybe eating an angel hurts her-angels are the light she is the darkness. Maybe to get rid of her she has to eat a really strong angel-like Casifer?


  2. Loved the episode. Re-watching tonight so I will have more to say later. All mI can say is YAY Sam and how heartbreaking is it that Cas feels dispendable???


  3. God is indifferent. His appearance and help with Amara and his wayward son Luci would bring an end to the need for the Winchesters. Unless the writers can be clever, it doesn’t work for me unless SHOW is concluding or HE decides to overule Death by negating her threat of permanency .


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