The Devil is in the Details: Lessons learned

The return to season 11 after a winter hiatus is full of excellent sets, lighting, acting, and plot twists,(some you see coming-some not). Let’s just say that Andrew Dabb crammed a whole lot into 42 minutes. Here are some lessons you may take away from the episode.

Crowley is adorable in a onesy. Mark Sheppard will require therapy from this scene(My comment). Dabb is adorable in bringing us back from the holiday hiatus.

Candy canes can kill. Antlers/horns are not always temporary. Not everyone enjoys holidays.

Lucifer is a busy boy invading dreams and not just Sam’s. Be careful what/who you dream about as it could become your worst nightmare.

Dean still messes/pranks with Sam’s voice mail in a playful way: Sam’s waxing habits- we already know what he keeps under his bed from Mystery Spot. Character development-just joking.

Getting too close to a “smite sight” gives you smite sickness: not since Henry Winchester has a Winchester looked so sexy blowing chunks. Make up is fantastic or actor Ackles had the flu when this was filmed. Nuke zone- smite zone- subtle, not so much.

Dean would never throw up in the Impala. RESPECT! The visual effect can make the viewer nauseated. Well done.

How it can be dark in the middle of the afternoon and nobody seems to be aware except angels. Angels must pick a remote area to smite so as not to upset the locals.

Ambriel- cute but gone too soon. Token minority, come on SPN can do better in this area.

Amara is still a sucker. She is picky about her food and rejects a second piece of angel cake.

Feeling expendable can make you make a decision that is not well thought out or you don’t think your brother would lie to you. Hello ,has Cas met Luci? If you hear negative things about yourself too often, you start believing them.

Fear has a unique smell.

Billie, the reaper, moonlights as a travel guide to Hell. Did she get Ajay’s cut?

There is an entrance to Hell in Nebraska. (Missile sites there as well- just an editorial comment of my own). It’s along way down.

Sam is ready to die. Sam is ready to watch people he loves die. Sam is not going to be Lucifer’s bitch.

Assbutt is a valid word in our universe!

Amelia is the worst mistake Sam( writers) have ever made for the character. I think we all agree. Lucifer has some valid points to make even if he is self serving.

Colin Ford still rocks as teenage Sam. Girls were into young Sam and not just for his smarts. He takes instruction on kissing well from a female.

Tea can be served with honey and milk.

A witch catcher looks a lot like a dream catcher. Hopping on one foot is the new Hellaerobics activity.

Rowena’s reasons for hating Crowley. Her origin story rounding out her character until she gets really twisted around by Lucifer( ha ha ha- see the episode first). Hate hurts less than love. Some graphic description yanks at our heart strings. Crowley learns the hate is not always about him.

Gabriel and Balthazar are dead. Michael sings show tunes and “touches himself” in the cage. All according to the bringer of light-

Sam’s dive into the pit in “Swan Song” still remains an epic finale.

Ultimate Cage fighting can lead to identity changes.

Misha does an awesome imitation of Mark Pellegrino.

It takes longer than you think to cast a spell. How long is a stall?

Never tell anyone you are so unique that you are the only one who can do something!

Death is not after the Winchesters but she will make death stick. Remember this theme from the opening episodes.

There is a new sheriff in town. Crowley says he is done with the Winchesters, but he has already lost a step on the cooperate ladder. Needs a lift up from a Moose and a squirrel, crumpet that he is.(see Jacksonville convention for spirit animal comments)

There is so much to absorb in this episode that it deserves a re-watch. Not a perfect episode but Andrew Dabb had a tough one to write and bring it all together in a short time. This is stuff from which movies are made. The Hellish atmosphere in most of the episode is shot very dark.  There are many memorable one liners. The make up is realistic. The lighting plays on the viewer’s eyes.

Choice of music for an episode doesn’t always hit a home run. Can’t remember the song used at the beginning. Not memorable. “Heaven must be missing an Angel” used during cage fight- an attempt at humor that doesn’t make it for me/not a song which adds to the fight.

Luci can still pack a mean punch on Dean/Sam/Castiel. Dean seems to have more resilience physically than Sam during the fight, although both get pretty beat up.

Final lessons at this point: There is a lot of story telling left in this show. Misha gets to spread his wings as an actor. Loss of a character is not unexpected except by the character. There is a new sheriff in town. Lucifer and the Darkness- who ever wins it is still a lose for humanity unless the WINchesters find another way. I am pumped. Season 11!

What lessons did you glean from this episode?








4 thoughts on “The Devil is in the Details: Lessons learned

  1. As a character, Casteil had hit a hole and fallen in so it is with great joy that it is addressed as “expendable”. Dabb also addressed how fans were feeling about AMelia. It certainly was the beginning of the rift between Sam and Dean. It is an admission by the show that Sam’s guilt over not looking for Dean had long term effects and explains better his attitude in s 8 finale in the church”So?”


    1. “It is an admission by the show that Sam’s guilt over not looking for Dean had long term effects and explains better his attitude in s 8 finale in the church”So?””

      It does address it and makes me feel SLIGHTLY better about that speech in the church. I always felt Jared played it too angry-making it seem to me that he blamed Dean for everything. jmho


  2. When I start reading articles from my writers I often try to guess who they are written by. I was correct in my first assumption thinking it was Debbab but then my mind wondered thinking it feels similar to how Eric writes, so kudos Debbab, I think yourself and Eric write in a similar way as you both had me fooled. I also love seeing writing down in black and white about what you all think, and its fun seeing an episode written differently from different angles too. Food for thought, and plenty to ponder on for next week.

    Love Bella xxx


  3. I really enjoyed the episode. I loved that Lucifer called Sam out on all the stuff that pissed me off the last few seasons(Amelia, not looking for Dean etc)-and I loved that Sam said even if you are right-I AM NOT YOUR BITCH!! YAY Sam, way to go!

    I felt so bad for Cas. Does he really feel unnecessary? I am sure the boys don’t think so. Without Cas Sam would have had to kill demon dean or demon dean would have killed Sam! And that’s just one instance that crosses my mind.

    I love Crowley, I loved Rowenas rant to Crowley about love and I knew she was a goner as soon as she admitted to being the only one that could open the cage.

    I will rewatch tonight with my husband and I am sure I will have more thoughts!


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