So many “Devilish” Details!!!

Where do we start with this one? I guess the Devil is in the details! The opening ‘dream’ sequence had me rolling with laughter, playing on the emotional void in the life of Crowley when he was young, impressionable, and human! All he wanted was the love of his mother, Rowena, who was incapable of loving him. In fact, she explains later why she hates Crowley so much! That actually made me a little sad for Crowley. We find in this rousing beginning to the second half of season 11 however, that Rowena is ‘star struck’ over Lucifer, and has worked with him all along to lure Sam into his cage. Rowena thirsted for power and figured Lucifer (The saying goes, “The Devil is a Liar!”) would give her a seat at his ruling table, wherever that would be.  I can add here that Mark Pellegrino has been excellent in his reprise of the role that made him famous 7 seasons ago. In fact, I think he even referenced how his actions back then were so, “Seven years ago!”


Well, just how much of what he was saying is true? I would say, just about all of it, but twisted as only the Devil could to serve his own selfish end! I loved the “It’s a Wonderful Life” tour he took Sam on, all the while beating him over the head with the notion that he was now a ‘softy’ riddled with guilt over all the moves made to save his big brother Dean. Still, good ole Sammy out-smarted the Devil one more time, still giving him a “No” on the question of whether Lucifer could ride him topside once again.  All of the stuff he said about Sam’s weakness was rediscovered by Sam when he gave Lucy the final ‘nada!’

Meanwhile, Cas has gone into the battle zone to see if the angels did any damage at all against Amara, God’s sister. “Not!” In fact Amara, hoping that Cas would appear before God, carved a message into his chest, just to get her big brother to face her down once and for all! But after learning Sam had gone to hell to try to get some answers on how to stop Amara, Dean and Cas had to get to the cage to try to save him. Not realizing Rowena had taken off the protections, Lucifer snapped them both into the cage in seconds.Cage

I thought the fight sequence involving the four of them was very well done. I gazed at my TV with this dreadful feeling, thinking all along, “What chance do they have of beating the Devil in his cage, IN HELL?” Luckily, Crowley used a ‘witch catcher’ devise to enslave his mother and force her to lock Lucifer back up with a powerful spell from the book of the damned…or so we thought! In actuality, Rowena’s spell was too late, as Cas said, “Yes” to Lucifer over all his guilt for the monumental mistakes he has made in seasons past. Ouch!

That was one I called! If Lucifer had successfully been locked up, our heroes would have found themselves outside the cage with Lucy behind bars. I had figured he was now riding Cas. There were so many metaphors used in this episode. The first coming with all the evidence that Lucifer is the master at all that is immoral; especially playing on human frailties of guilt, love, and hate. Rowena ‘loved’ him, and all she got was her neck wrung like a chicken when she told Lucifer that she was the only one who could use a spell to lock him away again.

The boys are going to go after Amara, thinking Cas is Cas, only to learn that Lucifer is at their side.  How many of you think he might try to work a deal with God’s sister? God needed help locking Amara away. What can Lucifer do against her? We also see the oft-repeated, emotional jerk that this show is so famous for using; our heroes sacrifice themselves and common sense for what they think is the greater good and sometimes out of pure guilt and selfishness! Sam went to hell to face Lucifer again because he thought God was telling him to go there? Dean has made how many sacrifices for the sake of Sam’s survival? Sam has made countless moves based on the emotion and loving bond he has for his brother? It makes us love them more, but drives us NUTS! Now, Cas does the same, asking he Devil if he can beat Amara, and then he says, “yes” agreeing to allow Lucifer to ride him topside! Oh, stupid, stupid Cas! You think the God that brought you back from Lucifer’s induced explosion at a “sub atomic level” now wants you to be his host?CasandLucifer

And what’s this? Lucifer wants now to rule Heaven? Did I hear someone say that? Makes sense. He used to live there. It also makes me wonder if “The Darkness” can really be defeated. I mean, the universe is one of balance. Light comes from the darkness. If there is no darkness, can there be light? Even God could only lock Amara away and needed help to do that! Could it be because she is his equally balanced opposite? Fasten your seatbelts! This roller coaster is taking off, and once again doing it with clever story lines and brilliant writing. (Photos: Copyright Supernatural and The CW)


Eric “YankerNatural” Clemons


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  1. Dean was reeling from Sam’s outrage and hatred directed at him once Sam learned Dean had his brother possessed by an Angel. It was under the pain of this rejection and rage from Sam that Dean took up the Mark.

    Just before Cas said ‘yes” to Luce, the Angel had been told he was expendable, and worthless. Caught in this downward spiral, Cas, believing his worthlessness, acted on impulse.

    When we are reeling from lose, say grief at the lose of a spouse, it is wise not to make sudden life changing decisions under well intended pressure as the sale of our home and moving in with relatives. Only later, after we have time to grieve, can we think straight and find our actions have been rash.

    Pain mixed with passion and grief does not mix well with logic.


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