It all started as a game on the SUPERNATURAL set. The director was Phil Sgriccia. He crew was working on Everybody Loves a Clown (2.02 ) Sgricca placed two folding chairs together and when the boys arrived Sgriccia pointed out the empty chairs. Then he said to Jensen, “Sam hates clowns, which chair do you set in?” Wonder which chair he selected?

In the original description of Sam Winchester he was not afraid of clowns nor had any phobias. In Season 2, episode 02 the character’s personality expanded, adding more dimensions with increased depth. The scrip and dialogue changed. The Winchester universe changed.

Sammy became terrified of clowns and:

The child Sammy burst out crying when he saw Ronald McDonald on TV. Did the young Winchester ever eat a McDonald Burger again?

Dean: Planes crash.
Sam: And apparently clowns kill!

Dean wanted to know if Sam’s nightmare were clowns or midgets.

Dean told Special Agent Henriksen that evil clowns eat people, especially if the clown was a Rakshasa.

Dean commented on the clown art drawn by Martin Creaser and noted that John Wayne Gacy dressed up in his favorite clown suit when he played sex games with his murder victims.

What did it matter his last fight with clowns happened when he was alone, trapped, stalked and the vanquished clown exploded covering him in garish confetti? Showing up too late to rescue him, Dean laughed and mocked, teasing, Dean tossed his little brother a clown doll, “…clown phobia sobering chip.”

Shuddering, Sammy tossed the doll out of the car breaking its neck when it hit the pavement.
Sammy’s terror had been all amusing, just big brother aggravation. That changed. When the brothers went to help Sheriff Donna with haunted, killer masks they found a clown card.

Having sympathy for his little brother, Dean was reluctant to show Sam a picture of a clown mask and Sam was reluctant to look at it. Both men had already endured enough raw fear to add more.

This fear could prove deadly if discovered by Sam’s enemies and was used to paralyze him during a crisis, or produce a false image of Dean causing Sam to retreat or attack. John had taught them well what disaster could result if they lost control of their senses.

Sam unexpectedly found himself cornered by a clown on an elevator. Struggling with his dread the hunter subdued the murderous clown flashing a red knife. Then Sam called his brother to tell him what had happened. Surprised, Dean answered, “Killer clown. Are you serious?”

“No, I’m kidding, because clowns are really funny to me.” Sammy snapped at his brother.


The hunter who thrust Lucifer in the Pit, overcame demon blood obsession, regained his sanity, reclaimed his soul, saved Demon Dean, and truly impossible, delivered Dean from the Mark, is paralyzed by any clown.

How could Sam end up with a phobia? The most improbable of reasons. Dean.

His overprotective brother who would die for Sam had his this little brother at of all places at a family game room. Freed of baby setting duty kid Dean left to do “Dean Stuff.” For once Sammy’s pleas and weeping failed to keep his never-let-anything-happen-to-you, bigger than life brother from walking out.

Dean left Sammy alone in a crowd of strangers. Trapped in the chaotic, noisy place filled with hideous clowns getting in his face, Sammy was for the second time in his life deserted. The first time Dean had lift to play video games, Sammy had nearly had his spiritus vitae consumed by a shtriga.

When would Dean return? Sammy did not know. John was not there to rescue him this time. Abandoned and trapped, the child who already lived in a world where he kept a loaded gun in his bed to ward off closet ghosts found himself helpless. Now clowns with gross human features pushed down over his face twisting their heads, towering over him, squeaking gibberish, gushing out smelly breathe. It was all too much.

The phobia snapped in place.

Cloulrophobia was here to stay.

Will Sam overcome his clown phobia?

Could Sam help Dean in trouble if Sam saw his brother as a clown?

How much responsibility does John and Dean have for Sammy’s phobia?

Do you have a phobia?

Which took more courage for Sam? To throw Lucifer in the Pit or tackle the clown in the evaluator.

Written By~ Southeast.

Published By: Bella

Photographs: Property, courtesty of ‘The CW’



2 thoughts on “SAMMY AND CLOWNS

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  1. Sam knew the parameters of Lucifer in the cage and had some control over his own person. Rationality pervails. With clowns, it is an unrational fear and Sam feels out of control. He looked far worse in the elevator when he did not know the parameters, the intent, the power, or the reason.


    1. An excellent review of rational fear, able to use logic oppose do a phobia , emotional out of control.

      Thank you for making the difference well thought out presented point by point.


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