Did DEATH take his own life?

I have felt this thought on more than one occasion and its just come back to me as I posted something on the board. I remembered Tessa dying, as she flung herself on the blade. Was this in fact suicide? Had Tessa had enough of the way the reapers were acting and going about their business. She was concerned about the souls in the veil, and could hear the cries endlessly. As they continued to torment her. It pushed her to the limit. She so desperately wanted to stop hearing those cries and that she couldn’t do anything to help them. She had a reason to want out, but was this all there was to it? Tessa was Death’s right hand man (woman). She knew what it was like to be the big man, and how he carried out his day and did his bidding. She knew the life, and what his kingdom was all about. So had Tessa had enough of her daily grind, couldn’t she stomach working for the big man any longer? Why did she want out? Or do you have another explanation for her exit??

My second avenue is Death’s exit – Why would Death hand over such an imperative instrument that he guards with his life. Just hand it to Dean to kill Sam. Did Death not envisage that this might happen? Did he know that Dean wouldn’t ever kill his brother? Was Death wanting out too. Tessa had died at the hands of a blade on Dean’s hands. Now Death’s Death seems to fall in a similar vein. Its like Death wanted to end his days, and he some how sensed that Dean wouldn’t kill Sam. Had Death set up his own trap, that he so desperately wanted Dean to end his life? Its a huge thought, but two similar death’s of reapers just won’t leave my mind…. Is there a connection, is there more similar suicides to follow in reaper land…..

It also seems strange that there are NO fatalities of Death dying (remember Death takes a holiday S4). People are still dying and the pattern continues like nothing has ever changed. Billie steps up to the platter like she’s Queen Death. After such a Death, and how the Natural Order doesn’t spiral out of control is a real worry. Are the writers a bit lax in certain area’s of canon sometimes? There are certain area’s that never seem to get tied up.

What do you think of the above? What did you think of Death’s exit, do you think he took his own life? And that of how Tessa’s ended too!

Bella xxx

Written and Published By: Bella

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  1. We found out that reapers are a specific type of angel which expanded the canon from the early years. Angels are not immortal when killed with an angel blade. The souls crying out from the veil and Tessa’s decision to sacrifice herself for the Castiel cause at the time set her mind to self destruction. Her death also served to throw suspicion on Dean from Castiel’s followers. She fell into Metatron’s trap/script. She, like others we have known, made a decision based on bad intel. As an angel, she could not take the disruption in the natural order that closing Heaven caused. She was following orders, that is what unenlightened angels do best. Writers like to have closure on characters. Her death served a dramatic and artistic purposes.
    Now as to Death itself, which is older than God, it is an eternal concept, so the embodiment of Death in Julian Richards( who does the role so well) ended in a surprise to him or not. He may have thought he knew Dean’s desperation with the MOC and his huberis would not allow him to think that Dean would not kill Sam at this point, let alone lead to his demise. He either did not see it coming or he split before the blow- he can bend time.Writers like to keep options open for future use. Billie seems to have replaced the Death persona because someone had to step up and follow orders-again that angel programming. She has no current fondness for the Winchesters and while not actively causing them to die, she will maintain the natural order of things and keep them dead should they be killed . She seems to be angry that Death, her boss, was demolished and like any other family that is injured in our Supernatural universe, this course of action is her revenge- to put Sam into the nothingness-which opens another dimension for the writers should they need to hiatus one of the characters.(all sorts of unfounded rumors about one of our actors doing a film and needing time away from show- again no proof). She has yet to learn that revenge is not the end all. Now, she is in business with Crowley to a point with the witch catcher, so I would like to believe that there is more to her character. The fallibility of the Winchesters is back on the table and makes for better suspense. Just sayin’.


  2. I agree that it was either very fishy that Death handed the one thing that could kill him to Dean-or it was very stupid. He knows Dean long enough and well enough to know he wouldn’t kill Sam.


  3. Death is an eternal principle until the end of the coming into Existance with the arrival of Sin and will exist until the end of time the last to be destroyed by the coming of Christ. Principles do not have or function as a human nor is Death able to be anything else.


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