There ain’t no rest for the wicked.
Until we close our eyes for good.

“Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”
by Cage the Elephant


Odin yet rides with the Wild Hunt carrying off souls to the domain of Hel, the goddess of the Underworld.


Fenrir, the Norse hound will snap his chain and swallow the sun bringing on Ragnarok, the end of the world.
In Ancient Greece, Cerberus, was the three headed dog who guarded the Underworld

In one of his twelve labors Hercules presented Cerberus to Eurystheus who hid in a jar. While marking Eurystheus as a coward and laughing stock, it showed the Greek had good sense.

In Mexico and Central America a type of Black Dog is called El Cadejo. This canine reeks of goat stink. Unlike the usual Big Dog, El Cadejo had skin instead of fur, hooves instead of paws and shimmers with glowing red eyes.

The Black Cadejo prefers alcoholics foolish enough to be about late at night. If Black Cadejo ambushed you, There was hope. The white version of the Cadejo will defend you against the evil Cadejo.

When a black Cadejo mated with a normal dog a third type of Cadejo was born that could be killed by ordinary means and the body decomposed in seconds leaving a disgusting puddle.

Hell Hound Bargtjest of Yorkshire, England, frequents the gorge of Troller’s Gill.

Infamous of all Black Dogs is Old Shuck from the Old English word Scucca meaning demon. Roaming Anglian countryside Black Shuck said “Hello!” to invading Vikings.

If you ever walk the coast road between West Runton and Overstrand, England, beware of Old Shuck. That road is his.

Moddety Dhoo spooks folks and visiter alike at Peer Castle on the Isle of Man. How could ghost hunters refuse such an investigation?

The headless dog made from unbaptized children was Yetn. This hound rambled through woods and was tracked by villagers who listened for his wailing howls eager to get behind their locked doors.

The great oak of Thor hung full of human heads was chopped down by Saint Boniface when Chrstanity came to he Germans. Remember how Mr. and Mrs. Santa lamented the long lines of children no longer awaiting the sacrificial knife?

Then there is Dean and the old apple tree protected by the killing Scarecrow. Blood was needed to appease Vanir, a wild nature and fertility god that produved a plentiful harvest. What else could the community do but sacrifice strangers? Except Dean who had the pleasure of burning the tree. Anyone for pie?

To wrap one’s head around Europe some 20 centuries ago can take some doing. Often public assumptions are simple wrong. “The Thirteenth Warrior” can help providing insight of Norseman and Cro-Magnon man with a sprinkling of Islamic civilization.

The world of Wild Hunts were filled with swamps and primeval forest, full of trolls, ogres, fairies, and outlaws. In the thick of the wildness giant trees grew 12 feet in breadth.


When Aurochs, herds of the wild cattle roamed Europe, the Romans reported they matched the size of elephants.

Fortified way stations were built to aid travelers from wolves setting up ambushes. In Paris a hole in the city wall was cut and gore was spread from the wall to Notre Dame Cathedral were the animals were slaughtered. It is fitting a statue of Charlemagne resides there now.

There was a Monster-Monster that would have put the Winchester brothers on edge. The Beast of Gervandan. Attacked first was a girl tending cattle in the high country and saved by her herd of horned cattle. Kills started. Hearts were missing among the savaged bodies. Most of some 60 victims were women and children. Something butchered from1764 to 1767 prompting the King of France send theFrench Marines—soldiers. The killing not even slowed, no matter how many wolves were shot. People fled the district. Local hunter Jean Chastel used a silver bullet and killed the Beast. What was the monster? The corpse rotted before identification could be made. Witness say it was big as a pony, laughed like a hyena and kind of a wolf. The current solution is that somebody had 2 trained hounds, or wolves or maybe hyenas and played lethal games like the Devil himself for 2 years. Locals knew a Werewolf when they say it. Do a little research and see what you think.

The list can go on. The Green Man in the Woods, ladies who journeyed into the forest to tame them. Remember Sasquatch? Americans were not the only people to chase hairy men-creatures through the woods.

Blue painted Picts who stopped Rome show up in Mel Gibson’s film “Braveheart” when the Scotts were busy battling England and still painting themselves blue.

In the days of the Druids war chiefs keep chest full of severed heads. One Lord was killed by his trophy head. The trophy had bucked teeth and broke he lord’s skin bouncing along against the the lord’s thigh breaking the Lord’s skin. The wound became infected killing the head’s killer.

Who would question Hell Hounds and Black Dogs walked the land?













This is the world Dean faced in “No Rest for the Wicked,” Long hot howls of the Hell Hound echoed in Dean’s ears as the Hound tracked Dean, on his scent. The final tick of the clock mocked rescue. At the bong of the clocks across the nation hit the stroke of midnight the Hell Hound leaped, straddled Dean, full of teeth and sulfur, ripping open Dean down to his thighs in strings of flesh erupting into blood as Dean’s soul was dragged by the Hell Hound to Hell where the hooks awaited.


Why does a wolf monster cause more fear than a human type monster?

What dog attack have you dealt with?

Why will criminals surrender to the police before a threatened police dog attack and not to a threatened police gun battle.

Why will robbers checking a potential house to rob by pass a house with dogs?

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy, and Property of ‘The CW’




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  1. “Why does a wolf monster cause more fear than a human type monster?”

    Humans are helpless in front on canines. Unless they are domesticated, like pet dogs, we recognize them for the killers they are. I’m always sick to my stomach when I hear of dog attacks because of the very human fear to be maimed and eaten alive. Canines kill humans every year and have you seen the pictures of some of their survivors? Some of them needed whole face transplants after being attacked by a big dogs.

    “What dog attack have you dealt with?”

    I was bitten by a dog as a little girl. I was scared and I ran and it bit me in the calf. Since then I learned that you don’t show fear to a dog but I always pray when I walk past one that looked like it could gouge my eyes out and eat my face. Not the cute domesticated ones, but the tall ones that shouldn’t be in contact with humans without a muzzle.

    I think sometimes humans get too comfortable with canines and forget that they have a savage nature. I respect them for the predators they are and never forget what they’re capable of. I’d rather fight a group of people than one pit bull.


    1. Late one night when the house had that curtain of silence only night can bring, I was typing on a story scene where a were wolf attacked. Suddenly, a growl gurgled up vibrating out of the things throat, past ivory fangs salvia wet.

      The scene scared me so bad I jumped to bed.

      Liked by 1 person

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