Cas’s decision to take on Lucifer?

Two episodes ago Lucifer escaped from the cage in Castiel’s body. Many people, myself included, have wondered why Castiel of all people would say yes to the devil. After all, Castiel knows Lucifer better than anyone else who was present in the cage. He has witnessed first hand many of the awful things Lucifer has done.

Castiel knows how powerful Amara is. Castiel also knows how powerful Lucifer is. Castiel must really believe Lucifer can find some way to defeat Amara. I also think that Castiel is desperate to find a way to defeat the Darkness. He has seen what she can do, and what she will do.

I also think that Castiel feels kind of responsible for the Darkness. After all, Castiel helped Sam, Crowley, and Rowena free the Darkness. I don’t feel that Castiel is to blame for the Darkness, but I feel like Castiel blames himself.

Sam and Dean never would have said yes. Castiel knew this. He also knew Lucifer was his last option. While he knew Lucifer was a risky option, he took it because it was the only one left. Castiel is known for caring. He cares for the Winchesters. He cares for people and the Angeles. He wants to protect them all from the Darkness, and he made the decision no one else would have. He freed the Devil.

As the show progresses on, we will see if this was a good move or not. This could go seriously wrong, or this could be what the world needs to be saved. I, personally, hope this turns out to be a good move. Lucifer has already killed one angel that we know of so far, and he will probably kill more.

Castiel has released a very powerful force on this world. Sam and Dean will likely find out soon. When they do, it will be very hard for the boys to work with this being. He has hurt them before. He tortured Sam in the Cage for who knows how long. The Devil isn’t Sam or Dean’s favorite person in the world, but he may be just what they need.

Written By: Caleb – Monsterblood

Published By: Bella

Photographs: Courtesty and Property of ‘The CW’



8 thoughts on “Cas’s decision to take on Lucifer?

  1. A few thoughts on Casifer or as Misha calls him Lustiel. As the character goes, the writers hit a black hole with what to do with Cas so it is a good move to give Misha an opportunity to play a dual role just as J2 have in the past. As far as the motivation for Cas to say yes to Luce- he was feeling useless. The bestial spell that Rowena put on him changed him. He was afraid to leave the bunker. Amara could smell the fear on him and considers him not worth a swallow. Amberiel, the statistics angel- her comment about being expendable hit him hard. Feeling expendable, knowing the Winchesters would never say yes to Lucifer, and his programming to protect human kind, would all be motivation to say yes. To save a Winchester, he would self sacrifice- something he learned from them. He asks Luce if he can really defeat THE DARKNESS. Lucifer did it before with help from his archangel brothers. The question is whether he is lying now and just wanted a way out of the Cage. He has been assured that nobody else can cast a spell to put him back in the cage.
    His appreciation of nature in 11.11 reminds me of the scene in “The End” where Sam as Lucifer admires the beauty of the planet,
    From a producers POV, Misha is under contract already. To have to pay Pelligrino to play Lucifer, not cost effective. Misha does a great Pellegrino imitation as Lucifer though.


  2. Lucifer definitely has a plan which, as Sam said, would be to restart the apocalypse. It could also mean the return of Michael in a new meat suit. Unless Lucifer plans to ascend to heaven and take his place upon the throne, it’s difficult to guess at what could happen. I really adore Cas and him giving up for the Winchesters, Heaven, and the world, I mean, ugh, this is why I love him- he’s absolutely amazing, willing to give up anything to keep the world safe. He’s wonderful and sweet and not given enough credit. I just hope the writers infuse him with more this season.


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