“Into the Mystic” a classic SPN formula

I always love it when our Supernatural episodes deal with a different kind of monster, but still find a way to move the major story line of the season forward. That happened deliciously in this episode, where we open with a flashback to 30 years ago; an Irish family is attacked by a ‘Banshee’, who feasts on the father’s brain after her scream makes him bash his own head open trying to make it stop. Her evil deeds also kill the mother, who completes a spell to make the creature go away just before she dies leaving the baby alone crying in the crib.

What we didn’t learn until later is that the baby was made deaf by the screams, and is adopted by and trained by a hunter. Her only goal now is to hunt down and kill the Banshee, which is running amok at a nursing home. Enter Sam and Dean, who learn that this creature only feasts at night and on those considered ‘vulnerable’ in some way.  The friendly man at the retirement home had just experienced his wife leaving him. (She did it via text.) This attack was witnessed by a resident, Mildred, played well by Dee Wallace, who delivers some great lines as she flirts endlessly with Dean! Deewallaceand Dean

Our heroes look for answers and we discover that the aforementioned baby is all grown up and in the same retirement home posing as an employee as she hunts for this creature, which was excellently rendered and computer generated for just the right amount of ‘creep factor.’ It appears now that our boys have found a friend in Eileen, who happens also to be a ‘legacy’ of the “Men of Letters.” EileenEileen knows a thing or two about spells and markings needed to cast them. I am feeling that we might see her in a future episode or two. It turns out that Dean is the intended target of the Banshee in this attack! Dean, vulnerable? Hell or Heaven’s yeah! Especially when sexy Darkness, God’s sis, giving you the ‘come hither’ body language!

While dean returns to the bunker for gold blades needed to kill a Banshee,  we find Cas/Lucifer, digging through files at the MOL bunker, trying to find an angle about defeating Amara, who appears indestructible! Was Lucifer trying to really find a way to beat her? Or was he just pretending to further fool Dean and Sam until the time is right to strike? I think he knows he really can’t beat Amara and really was looking for something…ANYTHING that might help him do it!  It was delightful to see Misha Collins’ rendition of the mannerisms that Mark Pellegrino brought to life playing the devil. Except for exploding an angel who was trying to take him out as he strolled in the park, he has been relatively quiet….for the devil! Casifer

A key is Dean’s vulnerability, which he confesses to ‘Cas-ifer’ at the bunker. Once again, we return to the familiar pattern of keeping stuff from Sam. While Sam might brood and really be upset over the news, it would have been good to see Dean admit to him that he has a connection to Amara and an attraction that can not be shaken! Sam meanwhile,  has taken some of the things the Devil said to him to heart, like, not looking for Dean while he was in Purgatory. (Where was he supposed to be looking? Don’t get me started on this one.) Now, Sam might be in line for some stupidity just to try to make good for past mistakes. Cas did it when he said “Yes” to the Devil. Dean has done it more times than I can count…So, on we go!

A few quirky observations, perhaps: Why would Cas say yes to Lucifer? If God himself couldn’t destroy Amara alone, why would Lucifer and anyone else think they could do the job? Is Dean a key here? Will Amara’s devotion and connection via the MOC to Dean be her ultimate undoing? You know how love manages to hurt at some time or another!  What else could be next? If the devil wins, will he actually assume the throne as “King of Heaven?” Will God have to make an appearance, because it just seems like no human or angel is capable of resolving this one. Does Cas have the juice to expel Lucifer? How do you like my name for Cas? “Cas-ifer?” Will it stick? Is it even original? I doubt it! And we can’t forget Metatron! The ‘scribe of God’ has to have a role in here somewhere! So much juice remains as we continue with an excellent 11th season.

Eric Yankernatural Clemons

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  1. Misha’s alternative to Casifer is Lustiel. Sam admitted that he did look for a while for Dean, but had no clues and just stopped rather than turning over every rock. He needed to confess this to the fandom- Dean had long forgiven him IMHO. Dean gets angry but then lets it go. Sam broods more. In any event, show admitted that the Amelia relationship arc was a bust through the walk down memory lane. Then to have Eileen show up is fantastic. She has much in common with Sam. He even offers to stay in touch-not that she can answer the phone if she doesn’t hear it and she prefers to work alone. Shoshana Stern should re-appear if it makes sense.
    What was Lucifer looking for in the bunker? Cas never roles up his sleeves- that should have given Dean a clue- but Dean is confounded in his own mental prision. Thanks for the review.


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