Reasons why Michael could be ruined?

Michael is arguably the most powerful archangel, so why did he have such a hard time in the cage? According to Lucifer, Michael is now a ruined archangel. Of course, Lucifer could have been lying, and probably so, I want to focus on some reasons on why Michael could be ruined.

Michael could have felt abandoned by God and not of known how do deal with it. His father was everything to him, but he left him in Lucifer’s cage. This would hurt anyone.

Another idea is that Lucifer somehow overpowered and tortured Michael. In season six, Death revealed that all Michael and Lucifer had to do was rip apart Sam’s soul. Death went into Hell and retrieved the soul which took away their only hobby (unless Adam is actually in the cage). Lucifer and Michael would probably turn on each other after that, and if Lucifer could overpower Michael, Michael would have a lot of pain and suffering on his hands.

Keep on mind Michael wasn’t in some ordinary prison, he was in Hell. Whatever happened to Michael destroyed him. Lucifer obviously isn’t a fan of the cage, but the cage didn’t have as big of an affect on him it just made him more angry. Instead of rage Michael became depressed. He felt abandoned, and it destroyed him.

All this is based off of the assumption that Lucifer was telling the truth. I’d like to think he was. It would be nice to see that the most powerful archangel couldn’t handle the Cage. It would add more horror to the cage and Hell. It would also add to the horror Sam went through while in Hell.


Written By: Monsterblood

Published By: Bella

Photographs: Courtesy and Property of ‘The CW’



7 thoughts on “Reasons why Michael could be ruined?

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  1. Hell is well….hell. Sam had Dean and Cas to keep him going and finally repair him. Dean pushed it all down until his teary scene with Sam on the hood of Baby. Who does Michael have?


  2. Michael’s name means Who is Like God. The archangel realizing the glory and all that goes with the Trinity chose God instantly when Lucifer made his challenge.

    Lucifer is also the father of lies and speaks the truth only when the truth suits his needs or he can take the scripture out of context.

    Angels are a created being with out gender and no two angels are alike. When seen by humans they take up the guise of male.

    For the purpose of SUPERNATURAL they are presented as male or female for poetry license.

    Then Castiel firest appeared to Dean is closest to reality.


    1. Raphael has been seen by Sam and Dean in both male and female vessels. Angels are gender neutral but the vessel’s gender becomes the occupying angel’s gender but names do not change.


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