Don’t you forget about ME 11.12

Not to worry Claire and Alex and Jodi! We remember.Although I get the impression that some of fandom would like to forget about parts of this episode, most of us remember all of you and your issues. At first, the episode felt like a one off and a way to update the wayward daughters that Jodi Mills has taken into her home. Suddenly, the episode turns around and it goes from meh, mild interest, to a rapid fire twist and turn that should have been seen coming at us by long time fans. The Winchesters are in their federal agent uniforms so, not hard to watch although a bit awkward when in fight scenes.

Plot summary: Claire and Alex are living with Jodi in Bobby’s old town. Claire has been hunting what she thinks are monsters. She sees them everywhere. Only through Jodi’s pull as a parent-sheriff, does Claire manage to stay out of jail. Alex appears to be adjusting to human life and while attending high school, gains a boyfriend. Claire calls the Winchesters to help her solve the disappearance of several folks. The set up takes the first half of the hour. There are some funny scenes so don’t use the fast forward despite the discomfort. Turns out Claire is onto something and her initiation as a hunter is part of plot. The “normal” one, Alex cannot escape her past with the vampires and thus her dysfunction is the other half of the coin. Both girls are on opposite sides of the monster issue as well as the social aspect of their lives with Jodi. Not to worry, by the end of the episode they are more like sisters. And thus a possible spin off if the writing can become more oriented towards their relationship. Jodi makes a good tutor in this area much like Bobby did for the brothers. In the end, Alex wants no part of hunting but knows she cannot escape her past and Claire embraces it with caution and willing to respect Jodi’s knowledge. Jodi’s leg is hurt again. Not putting it all down- go watch it- it is worth it.

Hits or misses? The Winchesters are not cooking anymore? Is Sam so engrossed in his research that he is not eating and waits for Dean to bring him food? Has Dean given up cooking? He enters with a deadly sandwich called an “Elvis”- double donut, burger and cheese. Clearly Sam’s comment brings us back to last weeks theme of survival.  Okay it motivates the brothers to leave the bunker when they get Claire’s call. Remember the turduckin? Don’t forget about the influence it had on Dean- Amara/ the sandwich.

Sam and Dean dive into Jodi’s home cooking like they have not seen real food for a very long time or at least been in a family setting. Is it supposed to be humorous that Sam is eating rabidly or is this a hint that he has something wrong…again. And of course, there is a doggy bag at the end of the episode. Remember the darkness/rabids.

Conversations about birth control and sex at the dinner table. The Winchesters are so so uncomfortable in a family setting. They are so far from normal dinners with a caring Mom- it tugs at the heart while being uncomfortably funny. yet, Jodi is so cool. Who ever had these conversations with the young Winchesters? Remember Bobby? ‘ Cause Dad was not the one to show the way of real situations for normal boys.

Alex is in high school  She seems to be the popular girl discussing prom, sex, and acquiring birth control. Hard to believe she is so well adjusted. Jodi is so cool when she sees the pills sticking out of Alex’s back pack- only because Jodi is Jodi does the conversation get put off for another scene.  Is this unrealistic? Is she much like Sam- pulled into the life as a child without a choice and then attempting to be the “normal’ kid?

Alex is “making out” with her boyfriend in a car. This should  tick off the memory of Krissy and her hunter’boyfriend” and that vampires are the prowl, but the pace is so slow that it escapes the memory pod in the brain. Duh!

Claire being rebellious. Her surrogate father Castiel is one of the most rebellious in heaven’s history. Don’t forget about Cas. Is she akin to Dean? Tough on the outside, but wanting to be loved? She re-registers for college- something Sam has often thought about- don’t forget about that.

Dean admitting that Sam is better with words and can relate better to Alex?

Federal agents-even if fake-can fight really well wearing suits and raincoats and machetes can be hidden really well.

Family is formed not always from blood ties and genetics. Claire and Alex start to form a better relationship as “sisters”. Ah Bobby, we won’t forget your line.  Alex is the cause of the vampires’s feeding in town and Claire is the solution- talk about a blood relationship.

Jodi’s leg is injured again. Okay, at least she isn’t ganked …this time.

BIG MISS-If you didn’t see it- Claire is bitten by a vampire. If you don’t remember season 6, you don’t know that since she has not eaten, she can still be cured. Edited for time?

The title is a song from a movie called “Breakfast Club” where rebellious high schoolers have to serve detention in the a.m. and thus become tight knit- the breakfast club- Is that the point of the episode or is it to highlite the parallels to the Winchesters? Clearly, fandom is forced to remember( not forget) but is the title too obscure?

Is this a back door spin off for Wayward Daughters? If so, the writers need to work on more chemistry between Claire and Alex. Tough to do given the set up of the lightening in a bottle chemistry between the brothers. The humor is there, but Jodi can’t do it all.

The pace picks up after the first half with much action, suspense, and moments. J2 have much time in federal agent disguises although screen time is less since they are there to help. Does it work? Sometimes for me. It feels like a one off, but if you don’t forget about the past 10 years, there is much to connect to the past and the present situation.

I re-watched. It is better than I first thought. What works for you? What does not?





2 thoughts on “Don’t you forget about ME 11.12

  1. “BIG MISS-If you didn’t see it- Claire is bitten by a vampire. If you don’t remember season 6, you don’t know that since she has not eaten, she can still be cured. Edited for time?”

    Didn’t they kill the vamp that bit her and doesn’t that make u not a vamp if your maker is killed and anyway she didnt drink any vamp blood which is what turns you….


    1. I thought you had to kill the maker and use its blood in the cure. Yes, they did kill that vamp. The question of whether Claire fed or not was she had not. Ergo, the cure took place either on the editing floor for time or in our collective memory of how to cure once bitten.


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