“Don’t You Forget About Me” had some nice twists!

I don’t know about you, but during this episode, I found myself cringing, wondering if our emotions would be ripped apart because we saw yet another friend/family connection to Sam and Dean die! I kept saying, “Oh! They’d better not kill Jodi….They better not let Claire o Alex die!” We all know that eventually EVERYONE in this show dies except Sam and Dean. Better yet, they seem to return when they die, while others don’t.

I enjoyed the twists and turns of this episode…and I have to say, as a long time watcher, I knew something was up that connected to the past of Alex, when she drew unsuspecting perverts into her old vamp’s lair to be ripped apart and drank like a protein shake. They did get me with the “obviously shady” janitor, and mildly surprised me with the final reveal of Alex’s boyfriend. Our heroes reconnect with old friend Jodi Mills in Sioux Falls, SD, but they aren’t called by her. Instead, Cas’ daughter Claire has called, in part because she’s an over-zealous hunter who sees a case in every direction she looks!DeanClaireJody

The show opens with a couple making out in a pick-up truck, and Claire snatching the male out of the truck holding a sword to his neck, asking him, “What are you!”  I guess the poor guy didn’t decide to press chargers. Neither of our young friends is finding the going easy living with Jodi. Claire is a rebel renegade who just wants to be a hunter. Alex is a loner who just wants to find her path.

Turns out that a school Janitor and Alex’s new love interest are working together to avenge the janitor’s death and subsequent ‘turning’ into a vampire; all  because Alex accepted a ride home from him several years back and brought him to her nest.  Her actions essentially turned an innocent man into a cold-blooded killer! He in turn, bit the most popular boy in school and commanded the guy develop a relationship with Alex just so she could have something that he could take from her. Alex’s favorite teacher was drained and then hung on the school flag pole. Finally, the duo made a move on Jodi, Claire and Alex. Sam and Dean to the rescue…but not before some pretty tense fight scenes where I was certain ‘somebody’ was going to die!SamandDeanDontForget

I am happy no one bit it, and happy for another rest from the regular story line. In fact, the episode touched early on the fact that it seems like Amara is laying low, waiting for her next move, which is always a big one! Our boys still have no idea about Cas-ifer’s true identity, and never even questioned why Lucifer disappeared from his own cage that he had been locked up in. Anyway, our new blended family of Jodi, Alex and Claire seems to have been pulled closer together because of the trauma they experienced at the hands of the vamps.

It also appears that Claire does have some instincts as a hunter, but Jodi is going to help develop them. All we needed was for Sherriff Donna Hanscomb to pay a visit, “You betcha!” For me, the highlight of the hour was the dinner table scene, where Sam and Dean are enjoying their first ‘home cooked’ meal in forever! Then, the conversation turned to Alex’s potential sex life with the vamp boy (she didn’t have this information at the time.)  Sam and Dean were classically dumbfounded and without much of anything to add, save stupid facial expressions. Jodi’s attempts to use language and phrases that the younger generation understands were a thing of beauty. All of us who are parents have been there! It was a truly well written and funny scene.DinnerTableSamDean

All in all, it was a very nice break from the stress of Cas-ifer, Amara, Crowley, Metatron and trying to figure out a way to stop the darkness. I have a feeling Lucifer was right when he told Sam, “People will die!” But which people? And remember, we now have another stable of folks to ‘cringe’ for: Jodi, Donna, Alex. Claire, and Eileen. While none is a replacement for Bobby, we have grown somewhat fond of all of them. Hmmmm.

(Photos: Supernatural and The CW: All rights reserved)


Eric “Yankernatural” Clemons


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