Will “love hurt” Dean???

This episode introduced us to a Qareen, a creature we have never met before in 10 plus years of Supernatural travels. This monster is the result of a witch’s curse, which she disguises as a love spell. The spell is activated by a kiss, (delivered by the one to the object of her deep desire), but it really brings the Qareen alive to ‘take out’ infidels….especially men!  We enter with a scene of a despicable ‘cheat’ of a husband, who is banging his baby sitter, and promising the teenager that he was waiting for the right time to break the news to his wife.  Meanwhile, the wife knows of the affair and consults her hair dresser ‘witch’ who gives her the curse (spell), upon which the creature assumes the identity of the bringer’s deepest desire.melissa-and-danLoveHurts

While the teenage ‘home wrecker’ (who has had the curse delivered to her by the kiss of the cheating husband) relaxes on the couch, the monster appears as her cheating lover and punches through her chest, ripping her heart out. Later, the monster appears as the teenager and comes to rip the heart of the husband out…The creature also has no love for ‘forgiving wives’ as she later again appears as the husband to kill the wife/widow in the same fashion because she was ‘dumb enough’ to try to keep her cheating husband and her marriage! (The hair dresser witch threw this in as an added bonus. How nice of her!)

The really interesting thing here is the meat of this story. The witch commands the Qareen to go after Dean, and when the monster assumes the appearance of Dean’s deepest desire, it appears as God’s sis, Amara!  While this was actually no surprise, I found it kind of creepy that Dean finally reveals his true feelings on this subject. Every bone in his body wants to kill the darkness, but when he is in Amara’s presence, something comes over him and he just can’t resist her.  Though Sam didn’t see the creature as Amara trying to attack Dean, he did enter the room where Dean narrowly escaped a horrible death, noticing the holes in the walls and the table. It was very satisfying to see Dean open up and get our boys on the same page. Usually, they drive us crazy with their damn sacrificial secrets!


Sam doesn’t even judge Dean after hearing his confession.  More creepy! I say that because this is unfamiliar territory for these guys! When we get these kind of confessions, or admissions of frailty, something bad is usually just around the corner. We know Amara has already told Dean, “You and I will be one.” We know what Amara does to become ‘one’ with a living being: she just eats em up like an Oreo cookie! Is she gonna eat Dean in the same fashion? If so, that can’t be good. It seems from my vantage point that all Amara wants to do is consume everything and just assume her universal position as “The Darkness!” What else does she want alive but her or her entity or whatever the hell I am talking about now.  Remember, even “The Big Man” couldn’t kill her, or even lock her up by himself! Something tells me her ‘love’ for Dean might be her weakness. Stay tuned.

Once again, we saw our heroes good ole ‘monster hunting’ until we were tied back into the main story line toward the end of the episode. By the way, this was a pretty evil and judgmental I might add, witch. She seemed awfully powerful as well.  Now, it’s on to the really good stuff. What is Cas-ifer really up to? What will happen to Crowley? When will someone learn that Cas is really Lucifer? What role could Metatron possibly play in defeating ‘The Darkness?’ Will God (Or a good representative) make an appearance? So many questions; I’d love to know your theories.

(Photos: The CW and Supernatural: All rights reserved)


Eric Yankernatural Clemons

One thought on “Will “love hurt” Dean???

  1. ” Is she gonna eat Dean in the same fashion?”

    I really don’t think she can….JMHO That’s why I think that Dean is the key to killing her. I know he sidelined himself this episode but I think in the end it will come back to Dean.


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