Once again, A BIG Thank you!

Celebrating my 50th Birthday this weekend Valentines Day, and just wanted to say here a million thank you’s for those who sent me some heartfelt birthday messages. I have had the most awesome weekend the highlight last night going to watch an Acapella group The Sons of Pitches (not BITCHES) with my best friend Jason Rees. I got to meet them back stage and got their authographs and a photo with a band memeber. They are so cool and on facebook if you get the chance to like them, please visit they could to with some support. They won the compeition, The Naked Choir last summer on BBC Two run by Gareth Malone who is big in the UK.

Keep up the good work team, I am so proud of you, the hours you put in writing for me, and the love you all share for this show. Love you all.

Bella xxx

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