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  1. Off the coast of New Foundland in the Atlantic are the remains of a bluefin ship that was torpedoed by the Germans. The Nazi commander does allude to the lore that his boat had “special” equipment and was not a regular commissioned destroyer.
    John Bedham, the director, picked Je ne regrette rien. Clearly, there are no regrets by the guest characters such as Delphine choosing to be with the German for the greater good and sacrificing everything for Dean’s mission. The captain has no regrets about never surrendering to the Germans. The sailors do not regret fighting for their country. The German has no regrets about any of his actions.
    Now, Sam regrets having agreed to let Dean go on this mission, but cannot stop his brother as Dean’s logic of it being a milk run is undeniable, save the fact that the brothers do not know the truth about Cas. Certainly, Cas might be having some regrets as to his choice, but knows that only Lucifer can meet with success against Amara. Lucifer has slight regrets about not having gone after his prom date who keeps saying no, Sam, but quickly corrects himself. Edith Piaf’s rendition is so heart felt, it is the only song that would have worked.
    The reference to Delphine’s “gams” is a reference to her legs. Dean does not know the ’40s slang- as we discoverd in “Time after Time” but he recovers.How could the sailor see them if they were in pants? And during those times, pants were not common as women’s wear. Women kept the United States going with manufacturing jobs that men had left when they went off to fight in the war. Robert Beren, the writer, emphasizes the importance of women. Thank you.
    The purpose of the episode IMHO is to reveal the Lucifer/Castiel secret, thus the double meaning of the title,”The Vessel”. The expression on Sam’s face at the realization builds slowly and then erupts: Soulonoscopy. Misha is doing a fantastic job, by the way.
    Dean is a witness to history without the ability to change the outcome. Witness to history much like the Speilberg project about jewish survivors of German concentration camps.
    Items that I truly enjoyed:
    The effect of no caffeine for Dean, sour milk, Sam using up all the coffee and not replacing it for his sibling- have had that one happen to me.
    Cas/Lucifer- how it builds
    Crowley as Lucifer’s bitch. How the might have fallen! Only Berens could change a king into a Hell Hound. Dig the surfer shirt. Now, we know Crowley will ally with the Winchesters!
    Edith Piaf’s Je ne regrette rien.
    This episode is not intended to be humorous and it is supposed to be intense. I give a A-.


    1. “This episode is not intended to be humorous and it is supposed to be intense. I give a A-.”

      I found it had a lot of small humorous moments that kept it from getting TOO heavy

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  2. Why would the seaman or any person alive believe, or cross their mind Dean’s cell phone was witchcraft? The radio, Eistein’s theory or relativity, motion pictures, telephones, cars, electric trains, electric lights, penicillin, sulfa drugs, radar, hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, canned food items, pasteurized milk, artificial rubber were in use by 1940 as were high heels, magazines, hair perms and make-up.


      1. I used the term because of my lack of a better one. Of course they didn’t believe it was witchcraft, that’s why I put the “almost” there. But the intention should be quite clear, I think. And when did I say that woman had no right to vote? I can’t rememberr stating that. Also, thank you fir the list of things that were already used in the 1940s, even though I don’t see how that is of any import. But thank you for your comment anyways^^


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