This week’s SPN episode was one of the best of the season to date in my view. We got little glimpses into the frailties of all our characters, even the mighty Lucifer himself. Misha Collins has embraced his ‘impression’ of Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer and the humor was thrown in at the just the right times.  It turns out that there’s a weapon called, “The hand of God” which is a small piece of the Ark of the Covenant. The thinking here is that this piece of God might be enough to beat back Amara and The Darkness! Anyway, Sam’s dogged research has unearthed an American WWII sub that carried a French woman (Who happens to be a woman of letters), who had gotten a hold of this archeological piece that the Nazi’s coveted for their collection. We saw her stab a Nazi scum through the throat and in the gut and that very guy reappears later on the war ship that was destined to sink the sub which carried this cargo. (The Nazi’s were obviously into some dark magical stuff!)

We also see hell, which Cas-ifer doesn’t seem to have much interest in. Demons are asking for direction and leadership, to which he offers nothing.  I love the way one offers him the latest ‘soul number’ figures, as if hell is a corporate entity. The only thing he enjoys is humiliating Crowley, whom he has on all fours and wearing a dog collar. Crowley doesn’t beg or grovel however, pegging Lucifer adeptly when he opined that Lucifer wasn’t strong enough to beat Amara. Lucifer, who has pulled out all his old weapons, admits as much, but doesn’t destroy Crowley right away. Again, he seems to use Crowley as comic relief.

Sam and Dean call on Cas-ifer to see if he can time travel them back to 1943 to get this “hand of God” weapon off the sub before the Germans sink it. Dean has embraced the fact that he can’t hurt Amara, so he leaves Sam behind just so the job can be completed in case something goes wrong. Cas-ifer can easily time travel, but the boys don’t know yet that Lucifer is wearing Cas. The woman of letters has protected the sub with markings that won’t even allow angels to pass, so while Dean is successfully transported aboard, Cas-ifer has to come back to the MOL bunker, soaked because he couldn’t get past the hull…(Hmmmm)

While Dean is trying to convince the crew of this WWII ship that he is from the future and their fate is sealed, nobody buys his story but the woman of letters, who shows them the hand of God which no one should touch bare-handed.  One crewman peppers Dean with questions anyone would know if they were from the future like, “Who won the ’44 World Series? Who’s the next President?” Back in the bunker, Sam discovers a spell that can bypass protections, but it needs an arc-angel to pull it off. Finally Sam’s dogged nerdiness about this stuff drives Lucifer over the edge. He reveals himself to Sam and likens him to a girl that refused to go to the prom with him. He has every intention of killing Sam on the spot, but Cas is strong enough to hold Lucifer off from taking such action, though we learn he may not be strong enough to eject Lucifer in part because he volunteered himself.

We had time travel restrictions violated in this episode. History was altered, when the Woman of Letters used the hand of God to destroy the German ship. (Sam’s research indicated that the sub was sunk and hadn’t been found.) Lucifer was able to come aboard and snatch Dean away just as hell was coming down on everything. When they zap back to the bunker, and the present, Sam tells dean that Cas isn’t Cas! Before Lucifer can do whatever damage he plans to do to both of our heroes, Sam blasts him back to wherever with that angel relocation mark in blood. We also learn that it seems like the hand of God had only on more hit left in it…and that was used by the woman of letters who sunk the German destroyer back in 1943…(History had been altered…albeit for the best.)

We know a couple of things. Wanna bet Dean remembers the mark that keeps even arc angels away? This is how they will keep Lucifer from returning to the MOL bunker. Otherwise, they’re toast, right?  I don’t think Lucifer cares enough to remember the spell that bypasses that mark. Lucifer isn’t strong enough to handle Amara. We all knew this! Even God needed help, so what now? Amara would probably kill Lucifer right away just to rattle God’s cage, so he’s not gonna try taking her on himself. If Cas is strong enough to eject Lucifer, where would Lucifer go? Does the ‘hand of God’ need some special juice to come to life for one more worthwhile battle? We still need to figure out where Metatron fits in all this. Can they form a SPN Avengers team to defeat Amara? Waiting for these answers is gonna be loads of fun!



Eric Yankernatural Clemons


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  1. “We had time travel restrictions violated in this episode. History was altered, when the Woman of Letters used the hand of God to destroy the German ship. (Sam’s research indicated that the sub was sunk and hadn’t been found.) ”

    History showed one hsip disappeared and the other had a big hole blown in it-seems to me like Dean was destined to go back in time and cause Delphine to use the hand?


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