We saw plenty, “Beyond the Mat.”

So…I guess we know that Lucifer is a little desperate to find something; anything that can help him beat back Amara and The Darkness.  During this episode, we find Sam and Dean have a childhood flashback when they enter the ‘red neck’ wrasslin’ circuit to attend a funeral, then  try to solve some unexplained and untimely deaths. Turns out that a rogue demon is trying to put away a nest egg, and is cashing in on some deals he brokered early—even changing some of the terms of deals, now that The Darkness is out to destroy, EVERYTHING!

Supernatural -- "Beyond The Mat" -- Image SN1115a_0227.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jackie Debatin as Rio and Michael "The Miz" Mizanin as Shawn Harley -- Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 

Supernatural -- "Beyond The Mat" -- Image SN1115b_0123.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean, and Paul Lazenby as Hellrazor -- Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 

Meanwhile, Cas-ifer brings Crowley out of his dog cage and hires a trusted assistant to make the former King of Hell think he’s escaping. Simmons, the heroine, helps Crowley escape, and he takes her to his secret lair where he keeps a lot of deliciously evil and powerful items just for safe keeping. One of these items is another ‘hand of God,’ called, “The rod of Aaron.” God supposedly let Aaron and not Moses have this one. But like the piece we saw last week, it was a 1-hit wonder! Cas-ifer shows up at Crowley’s lair and is going to seize this weapon for himself, after revealing that Simmons was working for him all the time just to lead them to this secret place, but Crowley outsmarts him and has this ultimate stick, which he fully intends to use and kill Lucifer. However, Simmons saves the day by sacrificing herself and blocking the death jolt that imamates from Crowley, thanks to the rod.CrowleyCasifer

Let me add something right here! Is it me, or is Cas-ifer a narcissistic, petulant, spoiled, self-centered DICK? I mean, one would think an angel of such power might have a little more swag, but he just reminds me of a spoiled child whose ego is once again going to get the best of him, just as it did with Sam to spoil the apocalypse! I guess I shouldn’t expect much more from the devil, but I enjoy the way Crowley never seems to back down to him. I would probably be destroyed by him on a sub-atomic level, because I’d likely become so pissed by his childishness (making Crowley lick the floor?) that I would say something he didn’t like! Cas-fer IS a very powerful being, I just don’t like him, which says a lot about the way Misha Collins is playing him.

Anyway, after taking his shot, Crowley sees that the rod is out of juice, and Lucifer is none too happy. We leave with Cas-ifer just beginning to open up what appears to be a large can of ‘whup-ass’ on Crowley! Crowley is too valuable for him to kill, in my opinion. Perhaps “Fergus” has something else laying around that can help in the quest to defeat Amara. In fact, Cas-ifer seemed to notice some scrolls and other items on the floor as he knocked Crowley over a bunch of tables with a nice right upper cut!

In addition, I do enjoy the way Sam and Dean seem to understand and empathize with each other this season. Dean needed some time away from constantly searching the lore and coming up empty, so he convinced Sam to attend the funeral of one of their dad’s favorite small time wrestlers. (Before they learned the circumstances surrounding his death were indeed a case.) I enjoyed the dual story lines that find us sniffing out the red-eyed, crossroads demon, and the adventures of Crowley, Cas-ifer and Simmons in hell.  But in the end, we got another pile of steaming nothing!

Yes…we found another powerful weapon designed by God that had one shot left in it! We know that Lucifer knows he is not strong enough to beat Amara. We know Dean can’t resist her allure…and even when he tried, his puny weapons were no match. Does Cas really think Lucifer has a shot, and if not, does he have the strength to expel Lucifer? Doubtful. There must be some more weapons out there; something they have missed. Unfortunately, we’ll have a wait a month to continue the adventure with Episode 16, which airs on March 23rd.  We’ve still got Metatron out there and undiscovered ‘Godly’ weapons. ..I hope. ‘Cause the Darkness looks for all practical purposes, like a show-stopper! I still say somehow, her loyalty and love for Dean will prove her undoing. What do you think?

(Photos: The CW and Supernatural: All rights reserved.)


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  1. The Darkness is a show stopper should the unthinkable happen at the CW so it is open ended. Add to that the Billie promise of no return for the boys. Chuck forbid!
    This episode is important because it shows Crowley can still be Crowley and is not the coward his minions think he is. In fact, he is quite heroic even if it is to his own benefit.. Come on, he is willing to take on Lucifer and suffer even more degradation. Now that’s ballsey. While these two characters are not sufficient to sustain an entire episode of hijinks, it does show how the seemingly least powerful being in Hell, still has the power and knowledge to escape Lucifer. Parallel that to Dean thinking he is the least valuable player in the Darkness scenario and you have an open possibility of Dean’s attraction becoming Amara’s downfall.
    What is new is that we have never seen Dean expose a scar from anything save the hand print-which was healed. Suddenly he shows off his leg and the bullet wound?
    The episode is also important in that it re-charges Dean to stay in the game and keep grinding. He can truly understand what it is to sell a soul. In comparison to the fighter who sold his soul, Dean had less selfish reasons than temporary glory. It also showed the brothers’ bond being so together and reflected a shared boyhood that at times had some normalcy-even for Dean.
    I am a bit worried that the headaches Sam suffers are more than too much research. He was sick with the rabid virus at the beginning of season 11. Again, I see the possibilities jumping from this episode into the conclusion of the season(show). The episode is a set up for the remainder of the season which will fly so quickly.


  2. ” I still say somehow, her loyalty and love for Dean will prove her undoing. What do you think?”

    That’s exactly what I think. Dean thinks hes not important in the battle, but again he is THE KEY!


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