Fiction and reality collide in real time-Supernatural adventures.

Supernatural is more than a television show. I have read about it and seen examples of this concept in videos and acts  of kindness and charity,but I had never experienced it so up close as I did yesterday at Massachusetts General Hospital. I was there with a relative who is under medical care. These hospital visits have an unnerving affect on me as it affects the future of one who is near and dear; the one who occupies the passenger seat on many an adventure both expected and unexpected.

We  wait over an hour to be seen, which in not unusual in this office. The walls have pictures of birch trees in various layered acrylic colors painted ‘a la japonais”. Of course, it sets me off thinking about the Japanese demon who can only be seen if one is drunk. I looked hard at the paintings, but being totally sober, I see trees. The image of Misha dancing in a forest from the outtake reel springs to mind. I occupy the time with a mental review of  past finales.Suddenly, two women appear and stir me from my fantasy by  saying,” We are doing random acts of kindness today as part of a program.  Can we help you in anyway, ?” Of course, I say something unedited  like,”Misha’s people?” Simultaneously, they say,”How can you tell?” Instantly there is a bond with the warm smile of mutual appreciation of  Random Acts.. They sit and we talk for a few minutes over apple juice and cookies making the wait time  less burdensome and ominous as white coats float by in an endless stream behind the locked door. The women assure me that cookies are easier to serve than pie.

A voice calls out our name. It is time to enter the exam room. The two women disappear into the ether of the hospital corridor as my focus changes to push the wheelchair through the narrow doors. Had it not been for the crumbs and empty cans, I might have thought it was an hallucination.So many white coats. No Dr. Sexy. Hallways that resemble Hell despite efforts of interior designers. Beige. Endless Beige.  Just one small cubicle after another with forlorn faces of anxious patients waiting, waiting, waiting. We settle into one of the small cubicles and wait a short time.

During the “taking your vitals” portion of the visit, I notice the nurse wearing a copy of “the amulet”. Of course, I say something like..”.Sam or Dean”? She smiles and says something about being a health professional and how she “treats them equally.” The broad grin reassures me that I am in friendly territory. She says,”Season 11 is awesome!”. A few more short interchanges take place as she completes the height and weight portion of the exam. She exits with “always keep fighting” as her parting words. Somehow, she knows I need to calm down and her banter does the trick.She focuses on what she has to do for the patient, but takes in the needs of the family member as well. That’s what family does for its members.It is quiet, quick, and strategic.

The exam is quick and painless save  for the blood withdrawal.(Imagine your own season 4 here). The results are in. All systems are stable at the moment. Thank you Chuck. Just focus on the joy of the now. There is pie at home if I can survive the rush hour traffic up the expressway. My driving skills are about to be tested, but for some odd reason at 5:15 the road is relatively clear.The bright, orange sun hangs over the Charles River like a beacon of happiness. Out bunker of safety awaits our return.

I had valet parked the car because it is far easier to transport my relative from the front of the hospital building rather than from a far away parking garage. It is a logistical nightmare to do it any other way and well worth the fee despite my Dean-like apprehension to release my car to some unknown, temporary, adventure. So while I wait in a long line to pay for the parking, I notice a young lady and her Mom. The young lady is wearing a “Wayward Son” hoodie. Of, course, I cannot resist and say,”Supernatural fan, much?” Her Mom says,   “OMG, not another one! She is in love with Jensen.”  I guess this had been going on all day. The young lady’s smile from ear to ear was all I needed.It lit up her otherwise pale pace. I retorted,”Why not, those eyes,” to which the young lady said,”those lips” and her Mom said,”the rest of him isn’t so bad either.” She explained that she(the younger of the two) was undergoing treatment for a life threatening illness that required weekly visits to the hospital. She binge watches Supernatural in the car to occupy her mind. Her favorite seasons are 4,5 and 11.She loves season 4 because of the introduction of our favorite angel, Castiel. She admitted that the words “Always Keep Fighting” have significant meaning to her at this point in her life. She  always wears her Supernatural hoodie to the hospital because so many people engage with her about the show during her visits, that she truly feels enveloped by family and she never feels alone. We have a brief conversation which includes such words as,”Awesome, ass-but,demon blood, Ruby,Apocalypse, The Darkness and few more select vocabulary words from past years.She expresses concern that there are so many hiatuses. I explain that technically the season is 44 weeks long but only 23 episodes are ordered, so the breaks are necessary. She says,”good to know and the actors need a break as well.” I did tell her that production goes on even when there is an hiatus.I tell her to go to twitter@thejimmichaels for information as he co-produces the show and has knowledge and he does respond to some tweets. She is over joyed as she acknowledges that she needs another SPN related activity for her rides.Her blue eyes sparkle and overcome the dark circles that encase them. She expresses hope that she will out live the show. This statement hits me in the
“feels” and I remember that in reality death is permanent as far as I know. She is a brave, strong, fighter.She battles “demons” that afflict her young body and soul everyday.The metaphor of our show is not lost on me. She is young in age, but an old soul who owns much wisdom about her reality.

As the valet turns over their car to her Mom, she thanks me for topping off her day and making it a great one. Here she is ,so ill, and she calls it a great day because of our conversation about a little show on the CW. The conversation is so warm and encompassing that I fail to button my spanking new, blue jacket- and instead notice how much it is like Dean’s coat from”Beyond the Mat”. Just a coincidence.

The Boston wind blows cold in the wind tunnel that is the valet area, even though the temperature has finally moderated. I notice the coolness of the late afternoon more now that my chatter has ended. It is mostly peaceful as I wait for my car to arrive. We share one of those unspoken yet precious moments of emotion that requires no words. We both know the sun will sink into the oblivion of the darkness.For now, we are have each others’ backs, at least emotionally.

The valet has been listening to my conversation with the young lady.. I say,”weird conversation, huh?” He says, “at least she didn’t tell you to ‘Cram it with walnuts !”. “Here’s your car, now ‘carry on’ and have a good evening”. He winks. I get into the car as he helps my relative with tenderness as she enters her side of the car. We are on are way back to our “bunker” where she will take a short nap as I prepare dinner. There will be pie as has become our custom on these hospital runs. Cake will not be sufficient. It must be pie-any kind. The valet has turned up the radio a bit too loud-what adventure has my Baby been on while away?.  Blue Oyster Cult sings”Don’t Fear the Reaper” from the speakers. As I start to turn down the volume, my relative says to me,”driver picks the tune, shot gun shuts her cake-hole.” Save the song which is now blaring, there is no further interchange. My co-pilot is well into her 9th decade and she  has not missed a beat of our adventure at MGH nor my interest in Supernatural, the show.. As we approach the safety of her house, she says,”Not a bad day. I have to keep on grinding it out one day at a time.”

Pie has become her way of saying thank you to me. No thank you is needed. This is what family does for its members.. She quietly says ,  ” Glad it is all stable this week but there wasn’t enough attention paid to Sam today.” Life intersects with fiction once again. It has been a day supported by Supernatural fandom in a most unplanned way.

Thank you, readers for letting me share this day with you. That is what family does.Supernatural-  more than a television show.




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