How would you like to see this show end?

One of the most popular questions which is often asked by a newbie on IMDb is how would you like to see the show end. So as a fun hiatus question I am leaving this one up to you folks. Please be creative and there are no prizes for the best entry. This is just for fun whilst hovering over the Hiatus break. Please don’t include the famous ‘We have work to do’. Or drift of into the sunset because these thoughts are empty and hollow. It won’t pass for me. So thinking caps on and come up with a cliffhanger that will lead us into that jaw dropping Movie we all hope to see.

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5 thoughts on “How would you like to see this show end?

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  1. I came up with an idea recently where the boys get a chance at eternal life, the chance to never have to stop Saving People. Of course that would come at the cost of their own eternal heaven (don’t die, no heaven) and never get the chance to lay their weary heads to rest, ever. I actually don’t know what they would choose, how it would go down, I think saving people together is sort of a heaven for them, and I think that’s what they’d choose.


  2. Sam and Dean get pinned down in some huge firefight and they have the option to take everyone out, but it’ll mean their own death. They choose that option (of course) and there’s a big explosion and the screen goes white with that high-pitched angel whine. Then through it, you hear John’s voice: “Boys? Boys!” They open their eyes to see John giving them a smile and saying, “Come on. You’re gonna be late for dinner. And yes, Dean, there’s pie.” Then he turns and walks off towards their house, where Mary can be seen waiting in the door. Sam and Dean look at each other, grins forming, and take off running for the house.


  3. I would love to see The Winchesters become the ultimate rulers of Hell. Crowley would work for them. They’d totally stop all soul collection from the demons. They would put the Angels in check, too, and send them back home. They’d be in charge of all the demons and have them leave Earth and close that off.

    Yeah, I’ve always liked that idea. The Winchesters as Kings of Hell!

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    1. Nice idea. But would Crowley give up his lair so easily, yes he likes their company but full-time. Doubt if Crowley would accept that challenge. But perhaps working along side and still letting him rule, that’s different too. But then what would happen to Cas? Its interesting as many have often seen Sam as the King of Hell and Dean as the King of Heaven? But then this would seperate the boys which I’ve never been a huge fan of personally.

      B xxx

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      1. Indeed! Whatever happens to them it has to happen together or nothing. Although I will forgive the show if one was a ghost and the other alive.
        It’s not ideal, but I’d give it a pass.


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