THE DARKNESS ~ What ever it takes.

The motto was a pledge among Winchester brothers that was deadly, and Sam and Dean knew it.  Slaying of monsters, death of friends, plunging the world to the onion paper thin edge of destruction, became a part of their Hunter’s business.  One brother refused to leave the other brother dead no matter what else The Family Business brought.

Whatever it takes.  “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.”

In the madness of the  Mark, Dean tried, he tried hard with all his might, with Death urging him, lending the slaying scythe to do the job, Dean could not, would not strike off his younger brother’s head while knowing in the balance of heaven and hell and all In between, a curse stood ready to strike the world if he failed to act.

Then the Mark of Cain was zapped off Dean’s arm by Sam who made it clear, whatever the cost to him, to their loved ones, to the world, he was healing his brother.

So in retribution zooming out of the deep places of the earth erupted  arching columns of rolling Dark slamming down, forming a towering, boiling mountain that rolled across the land in a sooty tsunami of Death.

Opening up the ALL–CONSUMING DARKNESS was the price owed.

Had our brothers been born old enough to have experienced in reality what happened at ABERFAN would their decision been the same?

Would this one, single incident of flowing Darkness because Sam and Dean to seek mutual destruction rather than bring the death of

In 1966 on the 21 day of October at Aberfan, Wales a slag pile collapsed and covered a school, smothering children, smashing children to death.

A darkness had arrived in a quaking roar, unexpected, unstoppable sucking up all in its path without mercy flowing, tumbling, advancing in the sublime ignorance of a force of nature.

Of the 144 that died that morning, 114 were children at their desks. At 9:15 a. m. 39 feet of black, liquified coal offal struck into the side of Plantglas Junior High.

Witness said was as if a jet crashed.  It was a darkness, solid, made out of stuff instead of the natural intangible nothingness of Amara’s Black.

Total silence came next.  A cave above ground absence of light, void of sound.

The Winchester curse had struck.



Written by: Southeast

Published by: Bella

Photographs Courtesy of: ‘The CW’ and Google search. 





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