SAFE HOUSE: Some creative story-telling…and hints of things to come?

So, how do the creators of  SPN incorporate Bobby and Rufus into an episode without being too cheesy or obvious: “Safe House” is just the right formula.  We find Sam and Dean of the present, investigating a case where a woman claims her child was grabbed by ‘something’ and has slipped into a coma, which doctors can not explain. The same thing happens to the mother when she returns to the house to collect some items that belong to the child. It turns out that Sam and Dean are investigating a “Soul Eater.” This creature, originally trapped by a wall marking covered in wall paper by Bobby and Rufus, was released when the mom accidentally broke the seal when scraping the wall paper during a redecorating project.

It also comes to light that they are at the same house Bobby and Rufus came to investigating similar phenomena years ago. This creature, originally trapped by a wall marking covered in wall paper by Bobby and Rufus, was released when the mom accidentally broke the seal when scraping the wall paper during a redecorating project. We pick up Bobby, fresh off a sleepless of  gathering information on how to stop the Apocalypse, sleeping in his car only to be awakened by Rufus to begin the job! I love that they called themselves Riggs and Murtagh from Lethal Weapon!bobbyandRufusbobbyrufus2

The editing smoothly went from Sam and Dean’s present, to Bobby and Rufus’ past at the house. These “Soul Eaters” operated in an area between time and space, which they explained later why Bobby saw Dean in the house. Anyway, there were a few hints.

One came from Rufus. His one rule is that someone always had to be sacrificed. It always came down to this in the game that is hunting. Who might we see sacrificed this season?  Though the Darkness was barely referenced, it was. The creature offered to hide Dean from Amara in this very special area between time and space. It turns out that Sam and Dean, through their MOL connections, were able to find out how to destroy the creature rather than simply trap it, like Rufus and Bobby had done before them.

sam and dean safehouse

But to see Rufus and Bobby go back and forth with their banter sounding like an old married couple brought back some really good memories. It was just like old times! I was bothered by the foreshadowing (perhaps) as Dean saw Sam dead on the floor…and Bobby saw both Sam and Dean dead as well. We know neither of our heroes is going to die just yet, but what did those sightings mean? Was the creature just playing with the biggest fears of the person in his space at his time? Or does it mean someone will be sacrificed to insure that our boys don’t bite it?

At least Rufus kind of amends his rule by the end of the episode, since neither of them were sacrificed to slow down this creature…I certainly hope whenever we see our show end, all these characters wind up reunited in some way. How I miss Bobby and Rufus. Now, some not-so-random stuff.

I am still confused. Dean KILLED Death? If so, why are people still dying! Is Death a child of God, Darkness or Hell? The being who once said in an episode, “I’ll reap God someday” is now just gone? I am still wrapping my head around that one, and it appears his replacement is determined that Sam and Dean get killed and STAY DEAD. But if God deems it that they come back, what can the reaper do? Reaper

I get it! Amara is angry! God locked her away (with help) because he has an ego? Can anything kill God? If so, would it be the same combination of things they need to kill Amara? 12-Supernatural-SPN-Season-Eleven-Episode-Nine-S11E9-O-Brother-Where-Art-Thou-Amara-Emily-Swallow

Is it me, or does Cas seem like a prime candidate to have to be sacrificed to make this all happen. Obviously, there are forces that can easily stomp Lucifer! (Amara being one. God being the other. Michael being the next, to name a few.) I would say Lucifer’s best chance of surviving the Darkness is trying to cut a deal with Amara. (Good luck with that.)  Casifer

If Amara is defeated, how many big, bad, world-threatening foes are left. Our heroes have killed every pagan god or deity they’ve come against. They’ve demolished most of the alpha monsters. Most of the rogue angels are history. The leviathans are romping in purgatory. Well, that’s why the creators do what they do, I guess. I speculate, they keep making great moments for the SPN fandom. Until next time.


Eric “Yankernatural” Clemons

(Photos Copyright: The CW and Supernatural: All rights reserved.)


5 thoughts on “SAFE HOUSE: Some creative story-telling…and hints of things to come?

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  1. Death said he is older than God and could reap God back when Dean needed his ring to open the cage. Reapers still exist as we see with Billie. Reapers are still doing their job regardless of the Boss being taken out by a Winchester. What is curious about the soul-eater from “safe house” is that the body dies but the spirit lingers in the nest. Just another vacation spot in our Supernatural universe. What is the nothingness to which Billie wants to send Sam?


      1. The reapers are leaderless with the demise of Death. Like the angels and demons when there is a power vacuum, there is a reach for control and leadership. What better way to put forward Billie’s skills than reaping the Winchesters? I see it as a clear and present danger to the well-being of the brothers. And yet, they continue on their quest knowing there is no safety net. From a story telling point of view, it heightens the suspense level as it increases the odds against the Winchesters. Rufus’ reminder that not everyone survives underscores that trope.
        Billie is not just threatening in MHO. Now, what the intervening forces will be to counteract her action is up to the writers now that season 12 is on the schedule.


        1. nah im pretty sure death is gonna be back in form or another he is older than god and im sure the winchesters wasnt his first rodeo


          1. If Death does return, he is going to be super pissed at Dean. Yes, Death is older than God himself and may know much about Amara. What is the natural order of things that Dean messed up this time by killing Death? How to restore it if it is out of whack as reapers are still working their shifts. Billie has to make her move. Sam takes a ( spoiler),,,,,,this week in “Redmeat” but show continues.


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