Supernatural : Red Meat


I ‘m still not sure  I liked this episode. It was a good episode, although I think saying I enjoyed it, is too strong a word. I think my problem is in trying to fir this particular story into the larger narrative of this season and not being able to do that. This may be one of those stories whose significance may not be understood until the end of the season.


Note, this is the second time this month that Dean has had a vision of a seemingly dead Sam. I’m not sure if his first image, in last week’s episode, was a presentiment of Sam’s death this week, or just a general fear he always has, but this episode elaborated on that image somewhat. Billie the Reaper was able to determine very quickly why Dean was trying to make a deal with her and how far he was willing to go for his own ends, because really, that’s what she was calling him out on.

So the narrative thread I’ve seen so far is an examination of how far Dean is willing to go to save his brother and why. Last season we got to see Sam go through this same process, and since the show has been renewed for a 12th (and possibly 13th) season, I wonder how this part of the story-line will play out long term.

The general monster of the week plot-line was not very remarkable. Werewolves are a staple of Supernatural, although the “Born Werewolves”, from that stillborn spin-off episode, were mentioned. This episode was one of the smaller and more personal that we’ve been seeing, in the middle of the season, as the show vamps its way to the finale.


I didn’t have so many feels for Sam’s supposed death beyond outrage that he got taken out by a pissant, selfish, human/werewolf guy. I just kept saying in my head, “Not like this! Not like this!” Sam is meant for a much grander, bigger death than the  meaningless trifle, of being strangled by some asshole, while he’s wounded. Really?!!

But the show pulls the wool out from under us a couple of times Sam’s supposed death, and Dean’s complete inability to make a deal with Billie, which I really thought might happen, before it was revealed Sam wasn’t dead.. At some point, they or someone, is going to have to deal with her. And, you never know, we may find out that death isn’t even dead (only discorporated).I’m inclined to think he’s not dead because people are still dying. He may simply be disembodied and need a new host or something.


At any rate, I have to hand it to Sam. He has superhuman levels of pain tolerance. Anyone who has ever experienced any form off abdominal surgery can tell you how incredibly painful that is. (I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago, and an appendectomy this year, so I well remember what it felt like. My pain threshold is pretty high, too and I was  knocked on my butt both times. I was only able to drive three days, after I got out of the hospital. And that was with painkillers.) Sam manages to  kill two werewolves, drive across town and kill another one, with a streaming gut wound, and then hop in the car with Dean right  after getting sewn back up, (although there is a strong possibility he was really, really high, at that particular moment.)

This sort of highlights the differences in how far the two of them are willing to go for each other. Dean is more likely to take the easy way out, strike a deal, do an end run around the rules type of thing. Sam bucks the rules too, just on a more personal level than Dean, usually requiring superhuman efforts of will on his part. Sam is almost pure willfulness. Dean is just stubborn, which is a subtle, but important, distinction.

I’m still not sure what to think about Billie. She’s not exactly a villain. She is just doing her job. She’s not actively trying to kill them although her snark level is pretty high. Is she mad because the Winchesters killed her boss? Is she mad because they keep weaseling their way back into the world, by making deals, and upsetting the natural order? I’m not sure. She’s certainly not your typical mustache twirling villain, for which I am entirely grateful.


The biggest problem I had with the episode was how  quickly Corbin leaped onto being a werewolf and killing people, although to be fair, he had shown an ambition for killing before became  one. (Seriously. dude! Strangling the wounded! How wrong is it! I still can’t seem to get over that.) To her credit, his wife Michelle, was willing to make up for her husband’s questionable actions in helping Sam die, by helping Dean die.

But tonight’s episode was full of useless humans. The sheriff who arrested Dean is much like Billie. He’s just a guy trying to do his job, but I still wanted to smack the shadangles out of him. I think Michelle is the only side-character I didn’t want to defenestrate. Okay, maybe the doctor. She didn’t deserve the death she got but that’s entirely in keeping with the Winchester track record. Everyone around them dies.

The Winchesters exist in a world full of living ghosts.













15 thoughts on “Supernatural : Red Meat

  1. The next time Sam and Dean leave the bunker I am going to put a bungie cord on them so they snap back together.


    From now on I am counting how many steps they are apart before covering my eyes and peering through my fingers at the one or the other of them about to get wacked!

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  2. Concerning Sheriff sheriffing in the wrong reality:

    I wanted to take the officer in the performance of his lawful duty and pick him up and drop him from some reality high place someplace else until the 4 th dimension blew over.

    When he zapped Dean leaving dead, not quite dead Sam alone and forcing Dean to wake up thinking, ‘this is one of those nightmares when you are running around without your cloths’ I was standing in line to smack him silly. Poor guy never figured out the weirdest day of his career, getting his heart pulled out. Mean of me to say, at least Dean did not have to keep stumbling over the guy getting Sammy away headed toward Kansas.

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    1. Concerning Sheriff sheriffing in the wrong reality:
      That really is the key phrase in this post isn’t it? I did get pretty frustrated watching that scene.


  3. High Sammy walking out of the clinc:

    I understand professional drunks and dope addicts can fane being sober. So Sam was undoubtably tip-top high, and will remember nothing of how he ended up in his bed in the bunker say, 2 days later. Surely, Dean, himself banged up, is not going to drive an upright brother straight back to Kansas.

    Plus, since we are fan, detail detailing, Dean came down the steps with Sam, who was stiff, sore, pale and hurting, with his big brother hand lightly touching, leading, guiding, say body language, ‘back up any predictor this is BIG SUPER MALE PROTECTING HURT LOVED ONE and I will smash you if you even look like he is prey.’

    Watch a husband lightly touch his wife in the small of her back in a directing attitude and watch those roaming male eyes. Any marauding male that makes a challenge contact is going to be mush in the dust.

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  4. Is Corbin a dark-shadow of Dean who will make any sacrifice to save his beloved?

    How does Michelle and Sam compare to one another?

    What is the difference in Sam willing to die to save everyone and Corbin’s action having the same result?

    Once Dean discovered Corbin had murdered Sam would Dean understand Corbib’s motive and execute Corbin anyway?

    I do not like Billie. She is beautiful but not the cold beauty of death as say the Witch of Narnia. She fails to have the aloof arrogance of the absolute of ZERO degrees or life. No pallor over black of stopped blood.

    As Revenge she rages and is bitter, waiting for time to run out, her voice seductive, too hot for the cold rock of death.

    In case you haven’t noticed, I miss the chilling old Death.

    Evil infects Corbin quickly, like a fast rabies. The turn is complete, making the threat of the Mark on Dean terrify and panicing me even more. No wonder Dean wanted Cas to throw him into the sun as Dean felt his essence being consumed!

    Our lady doctor was Doctor with a big D. Such a grievous loss, like a by stander at a drive by shooting.

    A salute to writers and all the cast and crew. Usually 2 dimensional, filler characters do not burst out with such zeal.

    One more question. How do the authorities explain all the gory bodies? There standard mauling bear has twisted into a pretzel on this one. Does remind me of official explanations of UFO flaps.

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    1. Those are some great questions. I don’t know how the authorities explain all the bodies the Winchesters leave around. The bodies used to be blamed on the Winchesters but I think the world thinks they are dead now, so I don’t know what the police say.

      You brought up some themes I didn’t see. I was very puzzled by this episode and still don’t know if I liked it. Sometimes it takes a few viewings before I understand how I felt about what I watched.

      I didn’t see the parallel between Dean and Corbin. Good catch.
      I like Billie a lot. I like how she simply won’t be moved on that topic and sees right through Deans tricks. I still really miss the old Death though. I insist that that was a host body that Dean destroyed and that death is still out there, somewhere. I just like that idea because it leaves room for Julian Riching to come back.


    2. I’m going with animal attacks for the victims who go camping but the ones in the hospital like the sheriff and the doctor would be hard to explain. The hearts being ripped out(made so clear with the chilling hand/claw thru the MD) are a bit harder to explain. Clearly not human. Left as unsolved perhaps. Pretty sure the authorities no longer look for Sam or Dean since no sheriff seems to want to haul them in for anything and their mugs might be on a wanted poster if that was the case. Corbin’s motive to save himself and his wife would not fly as an excuse to be saved. Dean would gank him- he can be that black and white. Remember the werewolf blood was already pulsing thru Corbin’s veins so it leaves the question as to whether his decision was animal instinct or just a selfish human or perhaps the correct one. The existential question of what would you do to save a loved one runs deep.

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      1. Had not thought of werewolf blood already coursing through Corbin’s veins, plus we do not know how long he had been bite. Was there a blend of beast and man? Would Dean have killed Corbin if he had seen the bite when Corbin was still hung up?

        Remember the poor girl vampire who was trying ‘to come down from a high’ and pleading for help, unable to accept she had just attacked a man? While she was pleading Dean cut her head off without thought or mercy.

        John Winchester would even have checked for bite marks and killed Corbin where he hung.

        Question: can you be a hybrid human?

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        1. There have been hybrids such as the season 9 chef who took on the characteristics of the animal he ate, but never seen it in a werewolf. Remember, Dean has a cure for vampirism so he could save the hung up bitten girl. There is no known cure for lycanthropie- the Winchesters tried with Madison- it doesn’t work.

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      2. Rule: when it gets too weird ignore, do not report, do not find, do not see what just can not be. Keeps your sanity, your job, your reputation from being mocked until the speech given the day you retire. And most importantly, gives your boss, and his boss a way out avoiding putting them in a tough spot.

        Reality case: a woman in a rural area reported a rampaging Sasquash on her property to the local sheriff. When she went to church the following Sunday, the preacher from the pulpit called her out to the congregations, as the crazy woman who was seeing monsters. Everyone in the congregation turned around and looked at her just to make sure all the gossip they had heard was correct.

        I understand that New ‘Oleans Police has their own ‘Hunter’ squad that is given the, ‘did you see that? I didn’t cases’ which keeps them busy.

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        1. The sheriff’s grizzly death further justifies Crobin’s demise. And although Michelle cleared Dean of any wrong doing, it would be hard to explain all the events away and Dean might end up in legal trouble with the law. Good way writers cleaned up a loose end.

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